Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Morning...

I went out to move the girls at 7:30 this morning because my hay man was coming.

The ewes and lambs always great me with such joy and make me feel so loved!

And NO ~ I didn't have cookies in my pockets! ;-)

I moved the girls to the side pasture and just as I was walking back to the new barn, the hay man pulled up the drive. Perfect timing!

Marlin (78 year old "hay man") tossed the bales off of his trailer and I (single handedly ~ well, actually I used both hands) stacked 90 bales of hay in one hour!!!

I moved the girls back into the main pasture and while they cleaned up the hay chafe spilled on the ground, I did halter lessons with a couple of very special young ladies (more about that tomoorow!), before heading into the house to get ready for work. I'm gonna be tired tonight...

DREAM says...

"Oh yeah! Mom's gonna be tired all right. And SORE!!! Come back tomorrow to see some of the funny picture she took while she was giving halter lessons to D ? # @... mmmffft!"


  1. not only do you have beautiful sheep but a beautiful barn too!
    Just seeing the pic of all the girls running to greet you made me smile! Thanks!:)

  2. Looks like good looking hay! That's got to be a relief. And I can't see that gorgeous barn enough! I'm so jealous!


  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    You do have a lovely barn!

    Hope your not going to be too sore!

  4. Have to say I was impressed by the barn too! But your girls really do look lovely :o)

  5. I read your blog today & so understand stacking all that hay by oneself...I did that 2 weeks ago. I could feel the love your sheep have for you as they ran towards you in the pic & they are beautiful too. Your blog gave my blog today food for thought....thanks

  6. Wow! 90 bales - I'm impressed! How long does that last you? (Or, when do you have to do THAT again?)

  7. Way to go Nancy!! That's good looking hay - and it goes without saying you have gorgous sheep :)

    Advil is great for sore "hay" muscles.

  8. Good post! It's funny though--even in pictures, I find myself counting sheep. I guess that is a reflex habit. :-) Looks like good hay, and I bet it feels pretty fine, having it in the barn, and being able to do that yourself.
    Tammy (p.s. so how many sheep are in the first photo--I think I got 22???)

  9. Loved the photo of the girls!

    Wow!! I would be laying prostrate on the ground after one or two bales, I suspect. You are amazing!!



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