Sunday, August 24, 2008

For A Good Cause....

OK Deja Vu. It's time to come out of hiding!

Your mom (Bluff Country Zodiak) has done a good job of keeping you and your sisters out of the limelight but it's time to introduce you and make it official:

"BLUFF COUNTRY DEJA VU" is being donated to the MSSBA (Midwest Shetland Sheep Breeders Association) Silent Auction at the NASSA (North American Shetland Sheep Breeders Association), Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival(WSWF), in Jefferson, WI., on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008.

Deja Vu is an Hst (Yuglet/Smirslet with two white socks and a white tipped tail), TRIPLET. Her Dam ~ Bluff Country Zodiak has been a VERY prolific ewe for me ~ producing twins or triplets every year with a vast predominance of ewe lambs! Not to mention, LOTS of HST ewe lambs. In fact, I can't remember if Zodiak has ever produced a ram lamb! I'll have to look that up... ;-)

In preparation for the MSSBA show and silent auction, I decided that it's time I corralled Zodiak's lovely girls and began halter lessons. Deja Vu was an enthusiastic pupil!

Since they are always together, I figured I may as well give Vu's sister "Bluff Country Masquerade" a lesson as well. She was equally enthusiastic!

I let Masquerade practice 'standing tied' while I worked with Deja Vu...

Deja Vu has a lovely, intermediate fleece that is VERY soft. She also has little scurs, as do many of my ewe lambs this year. I don't expect them to develop into full horns but they are noticeable little scurs.

Before long, Deja Vu was letting me pick the straw out of her fleece. How DID that get in there??? And standing while I pet her.

In the meantime, Masquerade was patiently standing tied...

When "the look" softens and Deja Vu steps forward and puts her nose to mine, while I scratch both sides of her neck, the first lesson is over.

Well done, my beautiful Deja Vu, well done!


  1. Oh, she is beautiful!! I so wish I could get to the auction, but bringing her home would be such a hassle! :(

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    She's lovely.

  3. Laughing out loud at them lying on the ground.... :-)

  4. Good thing they are such eager students!

    You are very kind and devoted to the cause to be donating such a beauty!

  5. Was laughing out loud when I saw the pictures! Reminds me of Teddy, the only sheep I've ever tried to halter train. He did the same thing. I guess I gave up too quickly. We have your beautiful Majik, and she is a dream to lead around, so I know you'll successfully get these girls trained!

  6. wow. And here Nancy on your blog you had mentioned she is 'very reserved' so I never sent in the deposit for her. bummer.

    someone lucky will get her though!

  7. I would definitely register her as smirslet rather than yuglet. Yuglet is reserved for smaller eye patches very similar to a panda bear. She has an excellent smirslet marking though! ;-) Stephen

  8. I hate starting halter training lessons. Poor lambs think I am going to kill them with that thing on their faces. But when it is finally accepted, how nice it is to be able to handle the sheep and lead them around when you want to!

  9. Thanks for the chuckle! :) I'm sure they think that is the most horrid thing that could happen to a sheep! Really! Being lead around on a rope! Glad they eventually come around to your way of thinking! :)

  10. The halter breaking pics are hysterical!

  11. Thanks for documenting these halter lessons, they're so fun to see! Such comics...

  12. ROF
    AO!!!!! You and Tina! LOL! Of course, soon it's the boyz turns around here...that is IF we ever get a nice cool day where they won't stress out in the heat.

    She's as beautiful as her mother, Nancy. Good job!

  13. What a little beauty that someone will get. It's so nice of you to donate her for the cause!

  14. I love your sheepy blog ! If i did not already have a flock of Jacob sheep, shetlands would be in my pen ! KathyB.



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