Saturday, August 09, 2008


DREAM says....

"PPPPSSSSSSTTTT! Hey there! Come closer. Did you know that Mom's got sheep? Did ya? Huh??? Well, she does! Not that you'd know it by her recent blog entries!

OR by the amount of time she's spent in the pasture with ME!

She's spent a little time out with the ewe lambs. Apparently several of them will be going to the Midwest Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, Wisconsin, to be show sheep, next month!

Mom's having a hard time deciding who to take. She wants to take the lambs that she's keeping because they're so cute and she wants to have an all HST flock for the "Best Small Flock" class.

But she REALLY likes "Mystery" and thinks she should be shown.

Plus, Mystery is for sale and Mom needs to advertise the sheep that she wants to sell because we don't have room to keep everyone this winter. Did you notice that Mystery has little horns?

Quite a few of this year's ewe lambs have horn buds! Mom's not sure what that's all about. Even my beautiful Cat Nap has little horn buds! (She's for sale too)

As does "Deja Vu" (also for sale!)

Mom sure does take a lot of pictures of Deja Vu!!"

That, my Dear Dreamer, is because I think she is very beautiful and she reminds me of someone that I LOVE very much....



  1. Do all the little horned girls share the same sire? Interesting that it has popped up in such a degree. I used a ram the second year I had Shetlands, whose dam was horned. Out of three ewe lambs all had some horn growth--one large and impressive, one curly-scurry looking, and one just horn buds. The large horned ewe has never produced any horns in her offspring. As far as I know neither has the curly horned one. However, the one with the horn buds has produced one ewe lamb with prominent curly horns and one ewe lamb with no horns/buds at all...

  2. I got one last year with small horn buds out of Belle Bambino and Tsunami.....who come out of Skittles and Zodiak and Zaria.

  3. Contrary to the claims of certain dreamy dears, none of these darlings look as though they are starving for attention (or for anything else, for that matter)...



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