Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're not Supposed to have FAVORITES....

But how can you NOT fall in love with this face???

Son of Highland Hollow Alice (yes, THAT Alice ~ dam of champions) and Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon. Outlaw is what I would expect from a cross between these two, magnificent animals.

THIS is what I would call a SPECTACULAR ram lamb. His conformation is excellent. His fleece is "to die for" ~ very soft handle, long, evenly crimped. Beginning to fade to an incredible silvery, metalic, taupish FAWN. Outlaw is NOT Ag. He's carries the modifier gene. I love his high-set neck and his powerful physique.

Outlaw has an extremely level topline, a deep, broad chest, well set shoulders and a perfectly straight rear topped off with an excellent, fluke shaped tail. Simply stunning.

Although he's not a particularly largeShetland, Outlaw does have a presence about him that makes him stand out in a crowd.
(even though he TRIES to blend in as much as possible) Not to worry ~ I'm not "barn blind". I do see that Outlaw's horns are tipping in.

I've seen Alice's boys do that in the past and they've always turned in time and been nice, wide sweeping horns. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Outlaw! I will back him with a horn guarantee. If his horns do not grow in a manner that is safe and acceptable, I will replace him with a ram lamb of equal value out of next year's lamb crop. If I didn't think that his horns WILL clear, I would hold off on offering him for sale but I really do think he'll be OK...

And I definitely believe ~ with all my heart and soul ~ that passing on his genetics is worth the "risk".

Special thanks to my beautiful "BELLAMICA"...

for stirring things up out in the pasture so that I can get photographs of the sheep actually moving and alert! She's a GREAT help!!


  1. That's only with children you're not supposed to have favorites! I have favorites with all of my animals (I just don't let them know it!!) :) Could you e-maii me privately? I tried your one e-mail and I don't think it came thru: Thanks, Tammy

  2. Terry8:37 PM

    He's very handsome! Are you considering showing him? I agree with you on his bearing--he's magnificent!


  3. Oo, isn't he a beauty!! He looks almost cuddly - he can't possibly be as sweet as he is lovely, though, right? Nobody could be THAT perfect...

  4. One of Alice's grandson's had that tipping in with the horns, but we had to wether him adn trim the ends - so I know how you worry until they clear! Now I know where it came from! heeheehee
    He looks as solid as his half-brother...who said to say "Hello" to you in between mouthfuls of grass today.
    (He's doing really well) :)

  5. I'm not so sure that it's particulary fair for you to blame Alice for your wether's (a lamb, 2 generations separated from her)horns not clearing but if it makes you feel better, go for it!

  6. Aw, Nancy...didn't mean it like that at all! :) You know how it is when you're trying to figure things out...we even got a polled carrier this year who is just stunning. Can't "complain" at all. I just thought it really, really interesting that this guy is almost a spitting image of Shaun, except that Shaun turned into a moorit iset - a beyouteafull red moorit with creamy-white iset fibers. I can hardly wait to spin his fleece.
    Nope. No disrespect intended...just thinking aloud to you, my fav breeder.



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