Monday, August 18, 2008

Now Where Were We?

Moon Shadow proudly presents his best buddy:
"BLUFF COUNTRY WHITE NIGHT" (BC Flash Flood X Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon).

These two boys are often seen grazing side by side but, occasionally, I do manage to catch a glimps of Night by himself.

Although, Shadow is often just out of view...

Sometimes it's NIGHT who's just out of view!

I no longer want to keep White Night hidden! He's MUCH too gorgeous of a ram lamb to get lost in the mob in the Bluff Country.

White Night is from the "White Diamond" line and has the characteristic, fine, crimpy, dense fleece that is associated with White Diamond. His also has nice length and a beautiful luster! Night's conformation is excellent! He is definitely SHOW QUALITY.

The spotting around his lips, eyes (and on his tongue!), as well as the stripe on his horn, are indicative of the spotting genetics he carries. White Night is sired by Crescent Moon, so carries HST spotting genetics as well as moorit and will throw them 50% of the time.

Take a bow,White Night....

Tomorrow: An exquisite, black/krunet YEARLING ram...


  1. What wonderful animals. They are truly beautiful!

  2. I wish my white ram lamb looked like your White Night. He is gorgeous!

  3. All the rams are gorgeous, but White Night is truly something special. That fleece!!!!

  4. He IS really nice, Nancy. I've got White Diamond blood here - they DO have nice crimpy fleece, don't they? :)

  5. What a sweet face he has, too! Beautiful boy - too bad I can't just keep him in our postage-stamp back yard in the city...

    Are you *sure* you want to sell him?

  6. Nice horns! Looks well put together also! Love the chicks too :)

  7. Mmmmmm Nancy - Think you could somehow smuggle White Knight across the border to me. I just happen to be looking for a white ram - and he is absolutely stunning!!!!



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