Saturday, August 16, 2008


And yet another beautiful, moorit ram lamb! Shadow is out of Bluff Country Zest and has the refined, elegance that she stamps on her lambs. Notice his fine bone structure.

Moon Shadow is sired by Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon who did his job and improved Zest's tail (which is a tad on the long side). Shadow has a very correct, fluke shaped tail and his fleece is an exquisite, intermediate ~ leaning more toward the single-coated style ~ VERY soft, fine and nicely crimped!

I love the chiseled look to his head and the tapered muzzle. From the day he was born, (a HUGE single) I found him breathtakingly elegant.

Moon Shadow's horns are wide sweeping and perfectly symmetrical. I would like to see more wool on his poll although he's got plenty of it on his cheeks (just like his dam). Shadow is a half-brother to "Bluff Country Apocalypse" (my exquisite, home-bred, fawn/HST ram ~ now a flock sire producing show-quality lambs at Heather Ludlam's Windswept Farm) in Michigan. Shadow carries HST spotting genetics and WILL throw spots if bred to a spotted or spot carrying ewe.

Tomorrow I'll feature Moon Shadow's best buddy ~ Bluff Country White Night!

Gotta RUN ~ I'm going to be late for WORK!!!!


  1. Thank you for linking my blog to yours. I'd love to come teach you to dye if I can bring a ram back home with me!
    Next year!

  2. There speak-eth pride ;o)
    He is beautiful!

  3. You're right, Jenny. I really am proud of this year's lamb crop. It's exciting to see the steady improvement from one year to the next....

    Plus ~ I love them all!


  4. Wow some handsome boys! Well done Nancy!

  5. Your sheep with all their natural colours are very beautiful. I would luv to see some closeups of their fleece and maybe you could talk about the different types of fleece they have? I am very interested in shetland fleece. It looks quite different from the commercial shetland wool that I purchased from the shetlands.

  6. They just keep gettin' better and better, Nancy! Good job!



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