Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lambs aren't the only one's Growing Up in the Bluff Country.....

It's hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that my BBG and I drove out to Pennsylvania and brought home my new puppy. I did a post on here to introduce Bellamica. It's only been a year ~ in many ways it feels like I've known her forever. Bella and I have developed a wonderful bond of love & trust and she is becoming quite the helper with the sheep! This in spite of the fact that neither of us has had any training. We're both kind of going on instinct. And it's WORKING!!!

What an incredible friend my Bellamica has turned out to be. I can't recommend the breed (ENGLISH SHEPHERD) highly enough to anyone looking for a loyal friend or working farm dog..


  1. Beautiful girl! You can see the sweetness in that face.

  2. Time sure flies. She has turned into a lovely little girl, and its wonderful that she is so helpful around the farm! Usually the dogs just end up 'helping' in an unhelpful way around here! :-)

  3. Glad to see she is wearing a bell. I have to get busy and get some more on the sheep. I love to hear the bells.

  4. Katie got her that bell in California! She gave it to me as a Christmas gift and I just love it. It's got the most gentle, lyrical sound. I've thought about asking her to get me some for the sheep as well!

  5. She has such an animated face & you can tell she loves life:) I have come to rely on my corgis also. When I need to catch a lamb, I wait till they come up to her & settle down then I go in for the big catch...well sometimes I get lucky!

  6. Would Bella and Jackson make a beautiful couple? I know Bella is fixed; Jackson was supposed to be today, but as often happens, more pressing calls (read "paying customers") crowded out the time in Rick's schedule.

    I could NOT believe what I read in Melanie's comments -- you don't LIKE fruits and veggies??? You need to follow the example of your beautiful sheep and add some fresh forage to your diet!!!

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Another great photo of your Bella

  8. Well named - she was a cute puppy, but she is a *beautiful* dog. And clearly has a very good head on her shoulders, too!

  9. Bella has grown into a beautiful young lady!



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