Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Never Tire of Looking at Their Faces...

"Bluff Country Bling"

DREAM says...

..."And I never tire of snuggling my face right into Mom's arms so that she can give me hugs!"


  1. Bling is one handsome boy! I know what you mean of never tiring of looking at their faces. They are so beautiful.:)

  2. lois & Brook Moore12:59 PM

    Stunning photos of a handsome lad! Is he going to be with ewes this fall?

  3. Love that fuzzy face!!!! Great wool on his cheeks and poll.

  4. Just gorgeous! And I can see why you never tire of looking at them.

  5. Too cute! I want a HST bad, some day. About my dyeing. I do dye in the braid or not just depends. I have more control of the color if not. Then I always store them in the braid. It keeps the fiber together.

  6. Anonymous3:22 PM


    I'd like to send some thoughts your way after reading your prior "stupid shepherd" posting. It may become famous!!!
    You are not in a unique position.
    I believe the majority, more that half, of this entire country is reaching this nadir.
    You are not alone
    To reach out
    And make those hard decisions we all now have to make.

    Ann Jackson

  7. What great photos, Nancy! And don't feel you're alone (I read your comment over at Lois' place)- I have an ad in the paper now but at the end of this month, what/who hasn't sold is going to the auction for market. It's been a hard decision but in this economy you have to cull and keep only the best of the best. Or at least I'm telling myself that.
    We farmers know you can't keep them all and there are times we have to play "god". I don't like it either.

  8. Beautiful photos! How can you not want to keep them all?! Such a frustrating year to have bred animals, makes me ponder on what I should do for this coming breeding season......

  9. I wrote you a letter today, look for fun mail soon!!!

    Much Loves - Katie



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