Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pretty GIRLS...

The boys aren't the only ones with beautiful faces around here. Here are some of my lovely ladies when I went out to feed them yesterday...

In the fall, my beautiful Savannah Banana does her "Wizard of Oz, Cowardly Lion" impersonation.

I almost cried over this photo! It is almost such a great shot of Alice. If only I hadn't moved as I pressed the shutter!
This one's not bad, but I like the first photo a little better.

Bluff Country Zodiak was particularly photogenic yesterday!
I changed this shot to black and white.
Zodiak is one of those years who just keeps getting more beautiful with each passing year...
DREAM says...

..."Kind of like ME!"

That's right, Dreamer, kind of like YOU! Zodiak is, after all, your sheep Mom...


  1. Does Alice have blue eyes? I don't think I've ever seen a sheep with blue eyes.

    Whether her eyes are blue or not, she's (and all the rest of the girls) gorgeous!

  2. Nancy you are a fantastic photographer! To get the range of values in those close ups of the black ewe's face is quite an accomplishment. My hat is off to you. Keep up with the wonderful photos!

  3. Nancy, How does Thursday sound? I will call you, but it is toooooo late today.

  4. More calender pictures!

  5. Lovely photos and lovely girls. There is just something about this time of year when the girls really shine. I guess they are primping for the rams. ;-)

  6. Nancy,

    I love the textures and the gentle eyes!

  7. Nancy,

    You do take wonderful photographs and have very pretty girls. I think I need a zoom, or a better flash, or maybe just more talent. I am glad your camera choice served you well.

  8. I love all your brown HST sheep!

  9. Alice has beautiful eyes, very distinctive!

    I definitely see the resemblance, Dreamer!

  10. Oh my gosh... the faces.... how precious.
    I am in love with Alice just a little bit!
    She is a beaewet.



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