Saturday, October 04, 2008

What Financial Crisis???

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It's a beautiful Autumn day in the Bluff Country. There's a crispness to the air and the nights are cold. My favorite time of year. Everything is SO beautiful!

The ewes and lambs are in full fleece and so much more comfortable with the cooler temperatures. My babies are pretty much grown up.

I'm putting in LOTS of extra hours at work so that I can buy hay to feed this crew all winter. I've never had to start feeding hay so early in the year. I normally start in November but have already been feeding it for several weeks. It might just be a L O N G winter....

DREAM says...

"Bring it on!!!"

Life is good in the Bluff Country...


  1. I've been looking at my hay supply too....I'm definitely going to have to add more to make it through until the Spring grasses get going. Fall is my favorite time of year as well and when it's not downpouring here I'm out enjoying the crisp air and spending time with all my animals. Too bad we can't just skip through winter right into Spring, eh? :)

  2. It looks beautiful there. It's starting to cool down nights here, but the trees are slow to change. I just got my big round bales this past week, and boy did it dent the pocketbook! They are enormous though, I am shocked at their size. However, I just thought to myself, well, no matter what happens, at least the sheepies will have food all winter. Which is a good feeling, with everything so uncertain.
    Take care and don't work yourself silly.

  3. What a beautiful setting for your sheep! I so understand the hay crisis. A large part of my Xmas club money will be going to the animals, perhaps I should put bows on the bales to bring good tidings. I wish us all the best for this coming winter!

  4. I think bows on the bales is a very cute idea. Nancy, all you sheep look so fine and wooly. The 3 Muskateers are looking wooley, too. They have an appointment to get sheared Oct. 16. Good thing Chris and Erica have a warm barn for them!

  5. Hello, dear shepherd; it's good to see you put a positive spin on things! How could you not, with such beautiful scenery and sheep to look at? I will need more sheep hay here as well; if I can't find homes for the wether boys, I will only be breeding two ewes this fall.

  6. All those big trees and the leaves will fall soon. More feed for the sheep and rich in minerals from the deep ground. Hope your sheep like them. Good to hear your feeling better about your extra sheep!

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  8. They look very decorative under that beautiful autumnal tree. They certainly look prepared for winter - but I think if they get much fluffier they are going to lose their ability to reach the ground with their feet and will just start rolling around like giant dust bunnies!

  9. I've been feeding hay since July 14th - we've had such a drought this year.

    Love your pictures and your fall colours are splendid!!



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