Friday, October 10, 2008

I Took SO Many Pictures Today....

*As always, click any image to enlarge *

It started because my BBG asked me to post some pictures showing the fall colors changing. So I got one with the Bluff in the back ground. Very subtle changes thus far. It'll be another week or two before the colors peak.

I took some pictures of the ewes in the pasture.

The boys on one of their final days together.

I got some cute pictures of Bella with the ewes.

Some really beautiful shots of Alice with her daughter, "Destiny".

I had a blast setting up photos shoots of my latest spinning results.

I have lots more pictures of each of the above ~ let me know if there's something that YOU would like to see more of...

DREAM says...

"I helped with some of the yarn pictures!"


  1. What a gorgeous farm you have Nancy! It must be so beautiful this time of year!

  2. I liked ALL the photos; you always do an amazing job behind the camera! What is the smaller chocolate-colored shed in front of your (gorgeous, tempts-me-to-turn-green) barn?

  3. ALL the pics are great, can't wait to see the changes over the next couple of weeks in your pics! My favorite is of Bella with the ewe, it looks like they are enjoying a lovely chat. :)

  4. Oh boy, do I love those cupolas on the top of your barn!!!! That is an awesome shot:) I think where you live has to be just breathtaking during the fall & winter seasons! And of course the awesome sheep just add to the whole image!

  5. THANK YOU!! It does soooo make me happy to see your beautiful valley' of course I wish I was there, but it stil helps to think of you out in the fresh air and fall colors, and I'll be along someday soon! I loved the pic of Bella talking to the ewe (which one is that?) but i was also impressed with the artistry of your spinning shots! Miss you tons, love katie

  6. P.S.... Does the big barn still strike you as new when you see it [in pictures maybe]??? I know i left before i had a chance to get used to it, but it still shocks me in pics, "wheres the old decrepit thing!?" :)

  7. beautiful photos.I`m so glad you posted pics of your skein winder.I have 1 & wasn`t certain the right way of putting the yarn on.phylliso

  8. I absolutely love the picture of Bella with the ewe. That's just gorgeous--almost as gorgeous as your yarn. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I would luv to see more pics of your raw fleece (off the hoof maybe) and you could show and tell us about the various types of Shetland fleece please and thank you.

  10. I adore the sheepie pics! Your farm is just heavenly.

    And the yarns are gorgeous as well. I love shetland... it is one of my favorite fibers.

  11. The little chocolate barn is my 'hay barn' ~ at least it was until I got my new barn. Now I use it for storing implements in and a shelter for the ewes and lambs when they're in the 'nursery' paddock. It's all brown and that means it's hotter than an oven in the warm months ~ NOT good for storing hay!

    My Dear Beautiful Baby Girl ~ I am always so happy to see you visited! I sent you an email

    I do have to start posting some fleece photos! I need to sell some of these ~ that will help with hay and heating costs this winter....

    More Bella & the sheep and fiber photos coming up!

  12. Oo, the wooly wonder of it all... how do you manage to be so productive with all the work you must be doing with the animals? Amazing!

    I want more pictures of all three skeins, they *all* look interesting...

    Seems like autumn happened overnight. On Friday the leaves on my street were all green... on Sunday they are all piled up in yellow drifts all over the street, and the trees are looking scraggly! What happened to 'peak'?!? I think it was 5 minutes at 2am on Saturday...



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