Sunday, October 05, 2008

I Wonder.....

I wonder who is messing up my beautiful Dreamer's fleece!

Ever since I started feeding hay, I've noticed the fleece on the back of Dream's neck getting shorter and shorter...

The only thing I can figure out is that someone is nibbling out the tasty bits of hay that always work their way into that very finely fleeced area. I don't have any fences that the sheep could put their heads through so I know it's not "fence neck". I've just never had anything like this happen before and can't imagine who could be doing it.

And of course, Dream's not talking!

DREAM says...

"I know NOTHING!!"


  1. Nancy is it doing it anywhere on her top line, above her hips? I had two of mine do that in a few places along their top line, (above shoulders and hips) almost where the water didn't seem to shed off as well in rain and caused some sort of late rooing just in a few spots. The vet and shearer had no ideas for me as to why. I had them sheared in September and they are growing back great.

  2. nope ~ just the back of her neck. And it's not bare to the skin ~ the fleece is just shorter. Something/someONE is definitely nibbling it off...

  3. Mine were not bare to the skin either, just shorter like that. But it sounds like Dream's is caused by a little help from a friend. Good luck finding the guilty party. Love all your beautiful Fall pictures BTW.

  4. You take some beautiful pictures!

  5. Oh Poor Dream! One thing I've noticed about Maa-Maat...she's pulls wool on the other lambs when things aren't going exactly her way. During a bath, she also grabbed a bit of my hair to pull. (That's when she got into major trouble...major for her that is. A little swat with two fingers over her nose and a very stern NO)

    Could be that someone is taking out a bit of frustration on Lovely Dream.

    Of course, Maa-Maat doing this may be a singularity in the ovine world...she's a bit "off" as far as normal sheep go. OK...substitue "spoiled" for "off". :)

  6. I'm really surprised that some of my ewes don't have this telltale missing wool. They are all great at catching all the excess hay in their neck wool (as well as other places)!

  7. You will know the culprit when they start hacking up hairballs... or I guess that would be woolballs?

  8. Did you figure out who is the doer of the deed yet? I'm guessing one of the younger lamb lassies. I've seen mine pick around to get hay out of each others fleeces, but so far no wool nibblers.

  9. Now I'm curious...someone mentioned giving their sheep a bath. Do you bathe sheep regularly and if so why? I know it's a no no to wash a goat. Probably dangerous too. Really have to do something about Izzy. She's so aggressive and her horns are screwy. She's going to poke someone's eye out. I know she should be culled but I don't have the heart. And..she goes around complaining all the time. She has this loud, obnoxious voice. I'll have to tape it. Everyone laughs..of course "everyone" doesn't have to listen all the time like we do.



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