Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Colors....

The trees are just beginning to change into their Fall Finest in the Bluff Country. The cooler temps and cessation of growth of outdoor vegetation brings me indoors to start spinning up my own fall colors...

This is some roving that I bought at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. Yes, I know ~ like I really NEED to be buying roving (or can AFFORD it)!

But it's MY colors! I so love the autumn colors.

I'm playing around with how to spin it. I'm just going to put a little bit on each bobbin and then see how I like it plied. I may add a little bit more red because I like a lot of red in my autumn mix...

DREAM says....

"I think I'll take a nap while Mom's spinning..."


  1. That's really gorgeous!!!! Sometimes we need a bit of retail therapy. It's a girl thing.

  2. Love those colors! Just gorgeous!

  3. Those colors are beautiful!

    If you've got anything you want to sell or barter (sheep, roving, etc), be sure to stop by my blog and post it!

    I'm getting ready for Christmas!

  4. yum! great Fall colors! What are your final plans for it?

  5. Here's the thing, I think it was my fault that you bought that...but it is sooo PRETTY!

  6. That roving is stunning. No wonder you couldn't resist it. Looks like it's spinning up lovely too.

  7. Who can resist a little more roving? :) I love the autumn colors, so rich and colorful. Have fun!

  8. Oo, Oo, I can see why it was irresistible - gorgeous!! And you are right, wonderful autumn colors. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  9. Are you going to Navajo ply it so the colors stay together? T.

  10. WOW! that is gorgeous...



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