Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Morning!

As soon as I crawl out of bed in the morning, Sadie hops in! Here she is, curled up on my cozy, down-filled comforter(protected by a flannel duvet cover!) along with Daisy the cat.

These two are in no hurry to start the day!

After my second cup of cappuccino, I head outside to check on all my critters.

The chickens are already out, scratching and digging and taking 'dirt baths'.

My ewes great me, enthusiastically, every day!

I managed to quick get a couple of photos while they were 'lined up' on top of the hill.

Bella helped hold them there while I took pictures.

Pretty babies!

Chance is a bit of a camera hog!

I love having so many brown-factored ewe lambs this year! They're SO pretty.

DREAM says...

"Mom's got a FOUR DAY weekend! We're going to have SO much fun!"


  1. grammyof1310:37 AM

    I can't decide which I love most the animal/farm pictures or the rolling hills and stretch of land.

    I see through the eyes of a farm girl you know!

  2. Great shots Nancy~ I just love looking at your sheep :)

    Enjoy your four days off - try to take a few minutes of that time off for yourself!

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Sadie's rear legs look very deer-like. Just looking at Daisy & Sadie so cozy makes me want to (yawn)......take a nap.

  4. Beautiful pictures, as always. Esp. love the ones of Sadie and Daisy. They look so comfy. I'm with Diane---makes me want to take a nap too!

  5. I get so jealous when my dogs get to sleep in when I can't!! Your brown face sheep are very beautiful!! I hope you have the same beautiful weather we have here for your 4 days off!!

  6. Terry7:34 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    What a gorgeous day it was today! Your photos of Daisy and Sadie make a GREAT ad for the Company Store products you sell. Looks like the grass has come back a bit for your flock.

    Need any special FIBER gadgets? I have a trip to Madison on the schedule this week and am during my spare time will stop in at Susan's Fiber Shop for a bit to look at combs and drum carders.....

  7. What lovely brown faces! I am looking forward to spring lambing. I have a new brown ram and am looking forward to increasing the brown sheep in my flock!

  8. I LOVE these photos of your flock. What beautiful girls :o)



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