Monday, October 13, 2008

Sheep to Yarn....

Here's the thing: I have no life. My idea of a good time (and a little excitement) is photographing yarn that I've spun. I can really "spice up" the process if I include sheep and/or teddy bears in the endeavor...

In the above photo, Bear is showing some of the yarn that I spun from the roving I bought at Jefferson. The small skein is the sample I spun up from the roving its self. The larger skein is the same roving, spun thicker and with some red roving and a strand of cashmere singles added to it. Bear likes it.

This is the smaller skein with the roving that I bought.

And this is the bulky skein with the red roving & yellow cashmere that I added.

In this photo, Bear is modeling the white Shetland/Mohair (50/50 blend on my drum carder!) that I spun into fingering weight yarn. It is SOOOOOO soft!

I love my basket too...

OOOO! Here's a nice Sheep Shot! This is Masquerade (for sale!). Isn't she growing up to be a beauty?

DREAM says...

..."Nice job Mom but where are the cookies???"


  1. I love your life and love that you share it with us. That yarn is just so yummy. How great to be able to do that. (Note to self: You have WAY too much work to think about a new hobby. No spinning! None! Don't even think about it!)

  2. THIS from the woman who Clicker Trains her Sheep!!!!


  3. Lovely pictures, Nancy! I really like how you arranged everything... and shoot, it's okay to find our 'cheap' thrills where we can, right?? ;-) Masquarade is so gorgeous. Love that fleece.

  4. I love sheep to yarn pictures! Beautiful all around, photos, sheep, yarn...How did you like spinning the Shetland/Mohair blend at 50/50? I still have 20 pounds of young adult mohair in my basement. What are you going to knit with it?

  5. I dunno, I would rather be sharing my life with all the wonderful animals you have than any "citified life", I think it is more emotionally rewarding. :) Your yarn is gorgeous (as well as your sheep)!
    It's a talent that I sure can appreciate in others (and hope to have myself someday!)

  6. The colors of your yarn are beautiful! I have decided that once I learn how to spin & do something with all the bags of wool I have, you and Kara will be the first to get a picture of it! You both inspire me to want to learn how to spin! Is there a story behind Bear? I would love to hear it if there is:)

  7. As always, your photos are gorgeous. I love the bulky yarn with the yellow cashmere added. Do you have a project in mind for the yarn?
    I am presently teaching an Adult Ed drop spindle class. Tomorrow night I'm taking along my spinning wheels.....sad part is I have to clean them up first it's been so long since I've used them.

    You inspire me.....your lovely yarn reminds me how much I miss setting at my wheel. Perhaps I'll squeeze in a little "practice" time before class :)

  8. Terry8:57 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Pretty soon I'll have time to spin again--your excellent photos and yarn are inspiring and I can hardly wait!! You were right--the trip back from the farm was MUCH too rainy to haul hay. We'll wait until it's colder--snow just blows off and doesn't hurt the hay.

  9. Terry9:01 PM


    I picked some Sumac fruits on the farm. I have a new book about natural dyeing and am going to experiment once that white mohair gets sheered this Thursday....we also have tansy growing wild on our farm--that makes a pretty yellow dye. It is so fun finding "dye plants" in the wild!

  10. I think Bear has very good taste! And I have no idea what you mean by "no life." Is there more to life than home and the creatures and hobbies we love? (Okay, there's work.) And you are VERY good at your hobbies (photography, spinning) and your vocation (raising beautiful Shetland sheep). Don't you sell yourself short!

  11. Your pictures are beautiful mom, see, you are still the better artist ;). Im curious to talk with you about the fall and upcoming winter, give me a call this week (i have it off!), but in the mean time its good to see you enjoying yourself. And don't worry, i WISH i didnt have a life most of the time! At what age is that appropriate????

  12. Oh My put me to shame. I can't seem to find time to sit and spin. I'm jealous! Love the have a gift.

  13. I think you have MORE than a life. And you keep and do things so well.

  14. Thank you, EVERYBODY! You're right of course ~ I do have a wonderful life and I absolutely cherish it.

    I pre-drafted a bunch of roving (light grey Shetland) today because I need to spin up more yarn for the blanket that I'm knitting. I only work on it in the winter because it's SO hot!

    I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my yarns from this post. Probably put them aside and forget about them! My bear came from a local antique/gift store that has the most awesome stuff. Needless to say, I haven't been there in ages. ;-)

    I LOVE spinning Shetland/mohair blend! And the yarn is so yummy...

    OK, break time's over ~ I better get back to work!

    You guys are the greatest!

  15. My E-mail is down, but I just wanted to say goodmorning.. "Buongiorno Mama!" It was nice chatting yesterday, miss you much, hope to talk again soon, pat my Lucy/Lucca for me ;) and take the beasties for a walk for me while you're at it!! ;) luv kt

  16. What gorgeous yarn - and fun to see what different things you manage to do with the same roving!

    Your sheepy friends are so lovely - it must be difficult to decide which ones to breed!

    You need to get the dreamer to eat apples, instead of cookies... at least during the autumn...

    *Whew! That benefit took so much time that I got behind on everything else, and it's taken me a week to (almost) catch up. I can't imagine how busy you must be right now! I hope things calm down soon, so that you can get more beautiful spinning and knitting in...



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