Friday, April 23, 2010

Fresh Pasture...

Sable oversees the move to the side pasture

I always like to turn my girls out onto fresh pasture the last few weeks before lambing begins.  I feel it provides them with the very best nutrition to carry them and their unborn lambs through the final weeks of pregnancy.  That plus the grass is getting long and I don't want to have to mow it!

The lush, green grass is fairly bursting with nutrition

The nineth (and final!) "Alice Watch" will commence the first week of May.  She should lamb around the end of May.  I will keep one lamb and Alice will not be bred again.  She's earned her retirement! 
 I entered "Alice Watch" in the search box on this blog and it brought up a list of all the posts where we talked about waiting for Alice to lamb.  I didn't go through them all but apparently, there are FIVE pages of Alice Watch posts!

Alice's beautiful, Shaela daughter "Destiny"

DREAM says...

"I'm not having MY babies until  the end of JUNE! 
 I'll help you keep an eye on Alice, Mom..."

Thanks Dreamer.  I knew I could count on you!


  1. Very pretty picture of Destiny, she has such an "Arabian" head :) And Im pretty sure you said the same thing about Alice, LAST year! Oh well, I'm looking forward to lambs anyway :)

  2. Thanks for bringing up the lack of comments to me Katie! I just checked my comments moderation file and there were 23 unpublished comments! I usually get an email when there is a comment to be approved/moderated but I didn't receive any notices! I'm glad to see that everyone hasn't abandoned me!


  3. Did you get my email about Shepherd's Harvest? Sent it Wednesday.

  4. Nope - haven't abandoned you! Lately I haven't always been good about commenting, even when I read the post. I wanted to tell you that your grass looks so green and luscious that I would even be tempted to munch on it!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. of course we haven't :) So, where are the other 22???

  6. Gosh, we've still got some waiting to do then! Can't wait to see what pops out this year. Photos of my first lot on the blog now to tide you over :o)



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