Monday, April 19, 2010

Sheep Retreat...

My good friend Katie W. had a stressful week.  She had to redo FOUR  years of taxes!  Needless to say, Katie 's nerves were a bit frazzled.  Since  she was driving down to the Bluff Country to pick up chicks anyway, I suggested a little "sheep therapy" to soothe Katie's frazzled nerves...

My girls took their job VERY seriously.

"The poor kid looks beat!"

"Tell me all about it...."

We sat out with the ewes for hours!  What a treat.
I'm thinking there might be a business plan here...

DREAM says:

"Will work for cookies."

That's my Dreamer!

We interrupt this regularly (?) scheduled blogcast for a special announcement:
I have been working on hard on a new WEBSITE.  I wanted a site that incorperates  my interest in my beautiful Shetland sheep as well as my flsashy flock of colorful chickens.  Therefore, it is with great pride (and a little nervousness) that I invite you to peruse my new website and give me your feedback.  Any corrections, suggestions, complaints or compliments are welcome!  I've attempted to  add links to the site within this post and will also add a link on the sidebar of my blog.  To be precise, the URL (address) for the new website is:


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    First, I love your new website. It looks so professional. Someday soon I want to know how you did it. I am thinking of a new blog that I can put the henpals nest boxes on too.

    Second, the pictures of Katie with the sheep are just wonderful. Sometimes I just sit with the goats, or the chickens, or Jack and Betsy. It is a stress reliever.

    third, I see your comment about the spam. I have some awful problems with spam too. Especially some written in foreign languages, here lately.

    Have a great day.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Sweet therapy. And I can't blame Dream: cookies motivate me, too.

  3. The photos are amazing on the new site!

  4. I like the new site - and your explanation about HST!



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