Monday, April 05, 2010

Meet My Son...

It was a wonderful Easter!
I spent the afternoon with my oldest daughter Pam (and her husband & three sons!) and my son, Ben.  I don't believe that you've met Ben...

Ben is my "middle" child.  Although I don't know how I could possibly be old enough to have a middle child as old as Ben!

Sable LOVES  Ben.

I think it's because he doesn't yell at her when she climbs up on him to give him kisses!

Pam and Karl brought their new puppy (a tiny "Teddybear") named "Piper" to meet the family.  What a little doll!

SABLE says...

"That little fur ball may be cute but she better stay away from MY  Ben!"


Ben has Cerebral Palsy as a result of a very traumatic delivery and an incompetent obstetrician.  He is unable to walk or feed himself or do most activities that we take for granted.  Yet, he lives on his own.  He owns a mobile home and has home-health-care aides that come in to bathe, feed and dress him and take care of his personal needs.  I am SO proud of my son!  Ben is independent, smart as a whip (he gets that from his Mom!) and a kind and sensitive human being who cares deeply about others.  Ben is proud of all that he has accomplished in spite of his disability and has many friends who contibute to the fact that he has made a good life for himself.

But he won't let me use his nickname on a public forum...

I love you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!



  1. Thank you for sharing such a special part of your life Nancy! The picture of Sable and Ben just speaks for itself and so does the pride in your voice! I am going to see if I can locate the sheep candy molds;)

  2. Hi BEN! I think Ben looks like he would be great at giving goats hugs too! Many goat kisses to Ben!

  3. Thank you for introducing your son, Ben. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with your kids!
    Happy Easter, Nancy. :)

  4. I first learned about Ben when I read your comment on someone else's blog, but I loved this formal introduction of your handsome son and his many wonderful qualities and accomplishments on YOUR blog. Well done, Mom!

  5. What a cutie! Glad he does so well on his own, I"m sure he's proud of that :)

  6. Can I reveal his nickname ;) I won't ben, even though I don't think it's bad. The pics were wonderful, especially the 3rd one, where sable looks like she couldnt be smiling any bigger if it killed her! Next time im home i think ben should come with, to distract the dog! :)

  7. Tell Ben it was nice to "meet" him! What a wonderful man, especially since Sable thinks so highly of him!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Nancy, he is so handsome. And I see your face in his-- he looks a lot like you. What a great success story he is. You should be very proud.

  9. Well, hello Ben. It's a pleasure to meet you. I love your smile, you are very handsome. I am impressed at your accomplishments. You must be a hard worker. Keep up the good work!

    Nancy, I spend every summer and most of my weekends as a teen staying with and caring for my first cousin who had CP. I always thought his laugh was the most pure thing on earth. I was and continue to be blessed to have known him. I can tell Ben is every bit as wonderful.



  10. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I was moved reading about your son. Good for him-an inspiration for everyone. Love his smile.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  11. I usually just "lurk" on your blog, which I shouldn't do since I enjoy it so much, the least I could do is tell you. Thanks for sharing your fun pictures of Ben and Sables. Dogs always seem to recognize great hearts, don't they?

  12. A very handsome young man - and a fine connoisseur of dogs, I see. I can see why you are so proud of him (it shows in your writing/'voice')!



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