Friday, April 16, 2010

Miracle in the Bluff Country...

If you've been following this blog for a while (in spite of the Shepherdess's sporadic posting!), you may remember how excited I was about planting my Snow Crab Tree  two years ago.  And how very unhappy I was when my sheep got into the backyard (TWICE)  last summer and girdled it.  Everyone knows that trees can not survive having their trunks girdled (the bark removed in a circle, completely around the trunk.  I had been so excited about planting that tree and so looked forward to the blossoms. ..

Well, it looks like girdling trees doesn't always kill them!

Apparently, the TLC I provided, helped my little tree survive.  I still can't believe it!  Right after the girls chewed the bark off the trunk, I wrapped the trunk in plastic for a week and then removed the plastic and wrapped it with an Ace-bandage for the rest of the summer and fall. 

It's alive!

Somehow, that little tree reminds me of me. 
 It keeps getting beat back. 
It keeps almost not making it. 
It was supposed to die. 
But it keeps coming back. 
It survives.
One of these days, it may even blossom!


In the meantime...

The girls are getting fat.

DREAM says...

"No need to make comparisons to the Shepherdess!:"



  1. I truly believe a person blossoms at different points throughout his/her life and one is NEVER too old to blossom. You were the first sheep blog I ever read and you inspired me so for that I am thankful that you blossomed:)
    My sheepies got a hold of a redbud once and I also had to love it along but it survived and thrived!

  2. We get stronger....and survive.

  3. everybody, everything, is looking good, even the trees.

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Your tree looks like it will have lovely blooms! Your TLC paid off. ;-)

  5. Hooray! Well done little tree and well done to the green fingered shepherdess x

  6. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Gotta love Dream's snooty look as she fires that final scorching comment...

    Nancy, you are AMAZING with tree First-aid--another talent you can add to your list! Hope is a very important factor in the Happy Life, as you well know. You are a good teacher--so resilient and so good at hoping and not giving up. I really respect you for that.


  7. Amen! To the tree, not being fat ;-).

  8. That's great about the tree! I'd heard the same thing, that they normally don't survive when they've been girdled. Naughty sheep!



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