Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Us ~ To You...

May your grass grow green and lush,

May you spend time with the ones you love,

May your lambs be healthy and lovely,

and your fleeces exquisitely soft.

DREAM says:

"Happy Easter!"


  1. And to you and yours! Hope you have a lovely Easter x

  2. And the same to you, lovely shepherd lady!!!!

  3. Happy Easter to you and all the critters! Tell me more about your chickens that you will be selling, maybe a trio. I've always had some little chickens to run around the yard but they are all dieing of old age! Just a lonely OLD roaster left who lives with my layers now.

  4. thank you and Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Thanks Dream and Nancy, And Happy Easter to you, too, and to Godiva and all the rest, including the Easter Chicks, of which there must be many about now!!!


  6. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Happy Easter Mom! We'll see you in a little while. :)

  7. Hoppy Easter to you and your lovely farm!! :)

  8. What a lovely set of blessings - the same to you, dearest girl!!

    BTW - my lack of response to your comments has been due to my having lost your email addy when my computer blew up. If you send me an email, I would love to be able to write you in a more personal way - among other things, I'm hoping to see you at Shepherd's Harvest, if you are going!

  9. What a sweet post. Happy Easter Mama.

  10. Happy Easter, Dream. And your momma too :-).



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