Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out of sight out of mind...?

Please share this with every dog owner that you know!


  1. I'm not surprised. And this is just for dogs. What about all the other animals?
    So sad that so many have become 'throw away' people.

    All our animals have come from shelters, and all get fixed; but that is just a drop in the bucket.

    *Hugs* ♥

  2. Oh, but it's a VERY IMPORTANT drop, Linda! And think of all the RIPPLES....

    When you consider each generation of animals and the number of offspring it can produce and then multiply that number for each of the offspring and then THEIR offspring, etc., etc., etc. It is staggering how quickly the population is out of control.

    Effective spay and neuter programs are the only way that we will ever get anywhere near close to being a no-kill society.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I rarely comment to blogs but your post really touched me. As I sit here with my 17 year old cat Shenangians - I think back to when we found him 5 weeks old -so dirty we thought he was dark brown, covered in fleas and mites. Now his bright orange purring body graces my lap -he's old and thinner than he was but he will be loved here till it is time to let him cross the bridge to join his friends on the other side.
    Thank you for making a difference - it is an important drop! And it does ripple out :)
    HUGS to all

    1. Thank you so much ~ for rescuing Shenangians and for your kind words. If only people realized that rescuing a companion animal doesn't just help the animal ~ it adds SO MUCH to the rescuer's life!



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