Sunday, April 01, 2012

Visiting Old Friends...

*if you click on the rams' names, it will take you to the blog posts when they were tiny babies!

On Friday, I went to visit with "Angie" and the three sheep that she purchased from me last year, when I had to disperse my flock due to (now ~ unbelievable!) health crisis.

Angie is the proud owner of 
(born on the Fourth of July last year)

This photo is of Angie's young son, feeding the sheep some animal crackers.

Firecracker lives with his Buddy "Bacardi" and the lovely moorit ewe behind the boys in the above photo ("Kiss") who will be having lambs sired by Firecracker later this Spring.

Bacardi is one of Alice's daughter (Destiny)s triplets yet he was one of the biggest lambs of all last year.

He was also the sweetest and friendliest so he was wethered so he could be a family pet for Angie's kids.  They LOVE their sheep!

Do you see the little frog (actually, it is some kind of exotic TOAD ~ but it's bright green) in the little boy's left hand?  I wonder what IT thinks of the sheep!

I helped get Kiss cleaned up and ready for lambing.  She's definitely pregnant but looks like it'll be a while before she has her babies.  I may go back in a couple of weeks to help Angie roo the boys ~ their fleece is almost ready to come off!

We worked a little bit on halter lessons...

Firecracker had a bit of an 'attitude'!

It was a fun afternoon and I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks and start pulling out some of that FLEECE!

Gotta roo, gotta roo, gotta roo.....

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  1. Oh my goodness! Firecracker looks like a Hunter clone!! Hunter must have been his sire right? His horns look awesome for a younger ram.



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