Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Many of the dogs that I rescue have faced euthanasia, starvation, abuse or any other circumstances that could have resulted in their death.  But they are all survivors.  They managed to beat the odds and hold on to life long enough to get rescued.  Life is not so bad for them right now.  It will be even better when they are placed in their Forever Homes.  Part of my job is to prepare the dogs for a good life as a well adjusted, well behaved canine that fits into the lifestyle of the people that I feel will make the best match for a lifetime of companionship based on mutual respect and LOTS of Love.

People sometimes wonder how I can survive living with so many (five is not THAT many ~ I have to admit that six IS pushing it!) dogs in my house.  Of course, you know the answer to that:  I LOVE dogs!  I also have the great good-fortune of having a nice, roomy house and enough fenced in land to allow said canines the opportunity to RUN off their excess energy.  The following is a short, three minute clip that shows how we burn off that energy so that they don't bounce off the walls in the house!  The dogs will typically spend anywhere from one to four hours outside each day.   I am usually out with them but it's also fun to watch them from the window in my kitchen or bedroom.  I am reminded of the song:  "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!" , only with the lyrics changed to:"DOGS" just want to have fun...

Got the song in your head now? Dogs, just want to have Fu-un.....

I'm showing my house this afternoon!


  1. I envy you your large fenced in area!

    Dogs do just want to have Fun! That looks like a great time.

    1. I don't know what I would do without the pasture to let the dogs run in. My backyard would be so full of poop, I'd need to rent a manure spreader!

  2. I REALLY enjoyed those dogs having fun, great video. It was wonderful to see Cricket looking so happy.

    They are so lucky to have been taken under your wing and their happiness shines through:o)


    1. Thanks Joanna! Cricket really has blossomed. Their happiness makes me pretty darned happy as well!


  3. I love the large fenced in area. Our back yard is pretty big but it is also pretty hilly, so there isn't much room for them to play.

    They do play in the house though and they do play rough, but the first time someone yips, they stop immediately.

    It's lovely to see Cricket so happy!



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