Saturday, February 16, 2008

All in a Day's Work...

I've been SPINNING! ALL day long. And THIS:

is all that I have accomplished! That's not even a half of a bobbin.

In my defense, I will say that it's pretty Fine. Even Bella thinks so! I actually had some problems with spinning it because my right hand and arm kept going all numb and tingly on me. :-( I had to stop, every few minutes, and shake it out. Not sure what that's all about but I hope it's not an ongoing problem! I'm spinning Alice's fleece up for a * Very Special Project* and have LOTS of roving left to do...

I only worked on Alice today, but this photo shows some of my other spinning projects. On the far left is part of a bobbin of black, singles in a bulky size. That's what was left on the bobbin after I plied some for the bag that I'm working on.

The white (it's actually light Musket) is another bobbin of Alice that I've been working on. Unfortunately, the yarn broke and I can't ~ for the LIFE of me ~ find the end. Yes, I tried spinning it backward and using masking tape. No luck. So, I started another bobbin. ;-)

The multi-colored yarn is a bobbin of fingering weight, singles that I'm making using locks of fleece that I rooed from my girls, last Spring. It's my first attempt at spinning from the lock ~ and "in the grease" ~ and I Hate it!! But I do think that the yarn will be very pretty....

DREAM says...

..."Wasn't I just the cutest, little thing you EVER did see? Mom keeps telling me that the grass will come back but I don't know. The weather forecast is for a MAJOR winter storm tomorrow and Mom's supposed to WORK! I think she should stay home!"


  1. I'm envious. Your yarn is beautiful. Mine is pretty horrific but getting better. Well done....thanks for sharing.

  2. Nancy, Try a piece of tape (any sort) to lift the end of your yarn off the bobbin. I spin very fine most of the time and have that happen to me as well.

    Your hands timgling are indicative of either a pinched nerve in the neck and/or down your arm to your hands as well as carpal tunnel. I had to have surgery for the latter on both hands years ago. Have you been carrying water or heavy things with that hand?

    Some of it may be from computer @ work, too. That's where mine blew out.

    Keep up the beautiful work! Great yarn!

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    And if the tape doesn't work, try a knitting needle or straight pin under a top strand. Go the opposite way on it until it crosses under another strand. Move to the top strand each time and eventually it will come to the end. Try to choose something close to where you were at the end. Love your blog and Dreams adventures. Joan in MS

  4. I love the nose helping you show off your lovely yarn. What better pointer could you want?!



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