Friday, February 08, 2008

Are you sick of Winter?

Are the short days, cold temps and never-ending snowstorms wearing you down? Check out Corinne's post ...There's NO way you won't smile. My jaw is sore from smiling so long! Thank you for a GREAT post Corinne!

I'm thinking I may need another 'pet'! My ex-husband sent me this photo in an e-mail. (yes, NOW we're friends!!!)

Who'd have ever thought that baby porcupines would be so CUTE????

DREAM says....

"If you think they're cute, wait till you see what I have for Mom in April....."


  1. Are those porcupines or hedgehogs? I haven't seen many of either, so I wouldn't know. They ARE cute in an alien sort of way!

  2. Hi Nancy, I am glad that you enjoyed my post :).

    The little porcupiney guys are really cute....I am thinking that they are probably NOT a good fiber pet though ;0.

  3. You're right, Michelle. They ARE hedgehogs. I was truly so captivated that I did a 'google' on them to see if they would be a feasible pet for me. Unfortunately, they need a warm environment (between 65 and 80 degrees). That rules me, with my 50 degree house out....Although, one might be a Perfect pet for Katie!

    Ah well, I don't think I'll be lonely or bored. :-)

  4. Kelly V2:29 PM

    Just put a thermometer and heat lamp in its cage and it should do just fine. Hedgehogs really are rather cute in a weird sort of way. We had one in our science class room in hight school.

  5. Tell Dreamer that we're anxious to see what she has for you in April. too!



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