Monday, February 18, 2008

In the beginning...

Tomorrow (Feb. 19) will be the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my blog! So much has happened since the first day that I sat down and decided to share my life with unknown others. I was hesitant at first. Now, I am so glad that I DID IT! It's been a roller-coaster ride ~ this past two years. I'm very grateful for the many friends that I've made through my sheep and my blog. I feel like you've become my "extended family". I hope we share many more anniversaries. In the future, I may occasionally do a "Two years ago today" or "One year ago today" post to relive some of the more significant events that have been acknowledged on this blog. Today, I thought it might be fun to go back over the very first few posts that I made. I hope you enjoy this 'stroll down memory lane...'

In the beginning...
Sunday, February 19, 2006

I've been wanting to create a blog for quite some time. I'm finally going to take the plunge but am a bit timid about doing so. Therefore, I will keep this little piece of the Internet to myself, until (or IF) I decide that it might be of interest to others. For now, I shall play around with the settings and options and try to learn about this "blogging business". Computers are not my forte ;-) So, I'll play with colors and fonts and backgrounds and what ever else there is to explore until I, hopefully, create something worth sharing...(that is, if I don't self destruct in the process!)
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Organizing my thoughts...

Now THAT's a scary concept! Organizing my thoughts. Ha! But I'll try:

SHEEP. Shetland sheep, to be exact. That's what really drove me to want to have a blog. I raise Shetland sheep. And I love them more than I ever dreamed someone could love "livestock". So I want this blog to be about Shetland sheep. I'm thinking maybe I'll start out with an "introduction" of my flock. Maybe post photos and a brief description of each of my woolly friends. I have lots of pretty pictures ;-) Here's one of my favorites:

That's PACO. Full name: "Bluff Country Apocalypse". Isn't he beautiful?
I think this photo looks like an oil painting. I would LOVE to have an oil painting done from it! Anyway, Paco will be two years old in April of this year. To say that I'm proud of him would be an understatement. I selected the ram and ewe, who's genetics would be combined to produce this handsome ram, and Paco is exactly what I was hoping to achieve. Now, of course, I'm hoping to get lots of little Pacos in the coming years...

I'm getting ahead of myself here! I don't think I'm really quite ready to start introducing my flock. I'm supposed to be organizing my thoughts! OK, I want to talk about sheep. But, I also know I will talk about knitting, as that is my other addiction of choice. So, how should I do this? Should I set up two separate areas of my blog in which to discuss these two issues? Or should I just let things spill out as they may? I suppose I could try to have some 'sheep related' and some 'knitting related' discussion in each post. Nah... I don't want to HAVE to do anything a specific way. Maybe, I should put this 'out there' (for a select few!) and get some feedback as to how to set up this blog...


It has been brought to my attention that "A Shepherd's Voice" sounds like a church bulletin. In the interest of open-mindedness, I am willing to hold a name that blog contest and entertain suggestions for a new (better, more appropriate, more memorable?) name for this blog. If you would like to make a suggestion for a new name, just enter it in the comments section after any post. I'll pick a winner (of an as-yet-to-be-determined wonderful prize) next Saturday *which just happens to be my birthday!* February 25th.

Now, my dear friend, Kim has pointed out that if I change the name of my blog, I'll have to change the ADDRESS too. That's OK. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it ;-) I'm sure someone will have the wisdom to tell me how I can do that and still stay in touch with all my loyal readers.....

oh that's right; I don't HAVE any loyal readers. Yet

Blog on!

DREAM says...

..."I didn't say anything way back then. Mom says I wasn't even BORN yet!! Can you imagine that??? This blog without ME!?"


  1. I have two comments:

    1. Whaddya mean you have no loyal readers!??? I'm a loyal, if quiet, reader. I've been reading since before Dream was born! snif.

    2. I LIKE the name you have. Of course, being more non-Christian than Christian, the thought of THAT shepherd never crossed my mind. I had to think of why Kim would say that for a bit before I got it.

    But if you MUST change it....
    Why not Bluff Country's Voice?
    or A Bluff Country Shepherd or
    Dream's Land.

  2. Dear Dream, We would not have ever had such a wonderful life without you! You are precious to all of us readers. Hang in there, Grrl, Spring will come.

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM


    Dream was so cute when young, and lately her little black topknot is esp. cute, too!

    Glad late shift is working out for you. I'll try to call and "check in" Mondays or Fridays--thanks for sharing your schedule.


  4. Oh MY Gosh!!!! It was an absolute joy to see Dream as a baby! Thank you for going down memory lane.

  5. Many thanks for your wonderful blog. I began reading about a month ago (referred from Leigh's Fiber Journal, I think), and am enjoying it a great deal. And I'm nuts about Dream.

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Ok I personally like the name but if I had to come up with another it would have to be
    Shepherds Dream. I mean really what else comes to mind when reading your blog. Where's Dream whats dream going to say at the end.


  7. Sue G.1:46 AM

    Congratulations on your first year! I've never posted to you before - but I've kept up on your blog for the past couple months. We have sheep, fiber and english shepherds in common...
    You are an inspiration for those contemplating starting a blog, or who just enjoy wandering through other peoples lives.

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying this stroll down memory lane! For the record, the 'Name that blog" contest was from 2006 ~ although it's fun to see the suggestions now too! I especially like "A Shepherds Dream". Awesome. Of course, at the time I started this blog, I had no idea that Dream would someday come into my life...

    It's so nice to hear from some of you who haven't posted before! I'm following the links back to your blogs (those of you who have blogs) and getting to know you better... Ain't blogging grand???

  9. Congratulations on two successful years! I agree about your current blog title. Why not just call it "Bluff County Shetlands"?

  10. A slightly late "Happy Anniversary" -- it's been a busy couple of days. Since I've read your blog from beginning to end, I recognized the old posts and didn't think you were soliciting new name ideas. I like what you came up with just fine!



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