Saturday, February 23, 2008

And the Winner is....

CHICKENS! Either I'm boring my faithful readers with my constant onslaught of sheep & goat pictures or you really are just curious about my fluffy fowl.

I can't say that I blame you ~ I find the chickens endlessly entertaining and a joy to watch. I started out, last summer, with 3 hens and a rooster. The rooster is "Bruce Springstein" and his girls are "Madonna" and "Ann Margaret". I lost one of my lovely girls (my best egg layer, of course!), "Janice Joplin", about a month ago.

I'm not sure if a cat got her or one of my rams. I found Janice, barley alive, between the front legs of "Crescent Moon", my big, moorit & white, HST ram, one morning. There were some feathers scattered about but no outward signs of injury. I wrapped Janice in a towel and brought her into the house. She passed within an hour. I was very sad. I still miss Janice ~ she was a very feisty hen ~ always pecking at me when I'd go to pet her.

I had always assumed that my lovely, little Madonna would be the first to go. She's got a bad foot and walks with a noticeable limp and is not the best flyer. In fact, she's always on the floor when I go out to feed and comes right up to me so that I can pick her up and put her back on the roost where her food and nest box are.

She's such a fluffy little cutie! And she gives me the cutest, little brown eggs...

I've been reminding Bruce that he really needs to protect his girls!

He's a beautiful boy and can be heard crowing frequently, throughout the day.

I've decided that three chickens is a good number. I may even let one of the hens sit on a batch of eggs, later this Spring. Now if I can only keep them safe from the cats AND the rams....

DREAM says...

..."I don't have any problems with the rams. And I was kind of wondering, Mom ~ how do you spin those chickens Fiber??? They seem kind of worthless to me! "

Now, Dreamer...I haven't seen YOU lay any eggs yet! Each of my creatures brings it's own special gift into my life. Not to worry, you'll always be one of my very favorites!


  1. your loving son8:28 AM

    to cute, if i remember right thier eggs taste awesome too. i love what dreamer says every day, to funny. i love you more

  2. Ahhhh..once again, beautiful pictures. I have to ask, how do you separate pictures from text? I've been trying to figure that out and just can't. I love your format.....okay...who was the second runner up? Tell me tell was the goats wasn't it. Had to be the goats!

  3. Slick says that Bruce needs to get ready for spring and all the work he's got to do with those girls. I don't know what he's talking about as he's becoming quite the pest for us girls here. He's always after us with a silly look on his face.
    As for me, I wish this snow would leave so I can find some bugs. I've really been wanting some nice bugs for dinner, but all we get is crumbled food and old hamburger buns from Mom.
    It's too cold and snowy for bugs right now!

    Nosey Josie
    in Airy Zona

  4. How fun for you, Nancy. A beautiful farm in the Bluff Country and all those neat critters. It must be nice to be you! Keep the neat pictures coming...those chickens are great!

  5. Terry6:20 PM


    You've got to enter some photo essays and animal photos at the Houston County Fair next summer and get ribbons and premiums! They are just premium. Sorry to hear about Janice--I must've missed that the first time around.
    check you e-mail if you haven't since Saturday pm.

  6. Kelly V8:40 AM

    Not bored with the other stuff, just nice to be reminded that other things are there as well. I forgot you had chickens since they haven't really been mentioned since you got them.



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