Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CHRISTMAS in February...

Christmas came to the Bluff Country yesterday!

Thanks to my Beautiful Baby Girl ~ who gave me a membership to a California Wine Club for Christmas! I'll be receiving gifts all year long!!

I got a kick out of the label! *click to enlarge* It's a good thing the mail comes in the morning!


(just kidding!!!)

According to the pamphlet that came with the gift...the
"Current Bargetto monthly Release (January 29,th, 2008) is 2 bottles of
2006 Lodi Carignane
The 2006 Carignane is from 95 year old Rauser Vineyard just outside Lodi. These vines are huge with arms thick as tree trunks. This is a lighter style of red wine with aromas of cherry and violets. When the wine is tasted the cherry aroma follows through as sweet cherry pie with hints of toasty oak. This is a wine to be savored in 2008 when the weather gets warmer."
- Michael Sones (Winemaker)

How cool is THAT? Thank you, Katie! I'll save a bottle to share with you when you come home again....

DREAM says...

..."Merry Christmas!"


  1. I second your statement that it is a good thing it comes in the morning. Oh, my.

    What a thoughtful gift!

  2. Nancy,

    I have just given you the Make my Day blogger award. See it on my blog.


  3. I'm coming to YOUR house for Happy Hour! I need it with all the darned roof dam and house damage we've had and now the tug-of-war with the insurance company. Ugh!

    Pour me a BIG one!

  4. Thank you for the award Kate! It's always nice to expand one's circle of friends and I enjoyed your blog as well.

    Come on over for a glass of wine, everyone!


  5. What a hoot that shipping label is! So how does the delivery person decide whether or not the recipient is intoxicated. Did you have to take a sobriety test to receive delivery? ;)



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