Thursday, February 14, 2008

I wasn't going to post about any more SNOW...

But how do you ignore THIS?

This is the swing that Katie likes to sit on and read, while she sips a glass of wine, when she's home to visit. I miss my BBG!

I decided this morning, that I would NOT post about snow. I was going to refer people to Yellow Jacket Ridge, in Colorado if they'd like to see some beautiful photographs of snowy scenery.

I was also going to suggest you visit Tammy's blog to see the WONDERFUL, CLAY, SHEEP FIGURINES that she's making and will soon be offering for sale.

I'm on her waiting list!

We got another snowfall today. 6 to 8 inches. I stayed home from work! The roads just aren't safe to drive. Which is nice (I actually get to watch "Survivor" and "Grey's" (update ~ Grey's isn't on!). Of course, it WON'T be so nice when I get a smaller paycheck! I'm already worrying about coming up with the cash for vet checks and yearly shots & flea/tick control for all the dogs and cats. Ok, so I'll POST...

As you can see, BELLA enjoyed the snow! I walked the fence line and fixed several areas that were damaged by the heavy snow or DEER.

The poor deer are really struggling with all this snow and are demolishing the bottom half of my Pine Trees! I'm thinking of fencing the trees into the girls' paddock this Spring.

"MOON" is wondering why the girls get fed in their nice, big, warm, dry barn and the BOYS have to eat OUTSIDE....

It sucks to be a ram in the Bluff Country!

BELLA says...

..."Happy Valentine's Day!"

(Dream's in her nice, big, warm, dry barn ~ eating!)


  1. Your blog is always a joy to read. I love the pictures and it does look like it is getting deep. Bella looks like she couldn't be happier!

    I hope the deer don't ruin your fence and try to come in and feed. That would be an unwelcome expense to fix. We redid our entire fence this year. It had been destroyed by the elk and really wasn't worth patching.

    Take care....and I'm happy you stayed home and safe.

  2. Oh good grief - how can I ever complain about too much snow after reading this?! I'm just griped that there's still ice on the east side of the garage when I come home at night. Our dogs wouldn't know what to do with your weather, and they don't want to either. They think the worst thing in their world is Charlie - THE house cat.

  3. We're getting another foot of snow, too, Nancy. I guess I will just have to stay inside and play with wool. ;-)
    Tell moon that the boys here are out in the snow too. They have a nice shelter to go in, but a certain ram has to make sure his tire is not covered in snow, so he guards it all day long - except when he's eating. Silly ram!

  4. Bella just might be the most beautiful dog I've ever seen.

  5. THANK YOU! I'm pretty happy with my beautiful Bellamica (which means: "beautiful friend", in Italian). I have the last picture on this post as the desktop photo on my computer screen. She inspires me...

  6. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Eeegad! My poor swing! :( Hang in there, winter can't be that much longer!

    Your BBG misses you too! :)


  7. AWWWWwww! My HEART is smiling....



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