Friday, February 15, 2008

Going to the Bank...

I'm heading for the bank to make a deposit to my savings account.

I have it set up so that if I ever don't have the funds in my checking account to cover a check, the bank automatically transfers it from my savings account. Unfortunately, my savings account was down to ZERO. Fortunately, I save quarters. The jar is one I marked when my Step son lived with Don and I. I was teaching him the different coins so marked a jar for each coin and Richie would practice putting coins in the right jar. I have a jar for nickels, one for dimes, and this one for quarters. They add up FAST. I'm betting there's over $100.00 in there...

DREAM says...

..."Life is GOOD in the Bluff Country!"


  1. I never have change in my wallet. I dump it all into a large milk bottle to save it. I am always amazed how much I can actually save doing this.
    Our savings have had to be tapped during all the house damage-business we've been in...but when the incurance company pays us, it will go back in before my other half uses it for bills. LOL!
    I think everythings tight for everyone right now.

  2. Years ago, I got one of those gallon wine jugs (green glass... likely even had a screw on top, but maybe not). I filled it with pennies .. and took it to the bank.
    Then I filled it with nickles. And took it to the bank.
    Now.... we're filling it with dimes.
    Dimes take forever, they're so small! But I'm guessing it'll have over $300.00 when it's done.

    All other coins go into a tin that's about 2.5x4x6. It fills up faster. When it's full, it goes to the bank. Of course, it gets raided for parking meter money from time to time.



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