Monday, April 30, 2012

It's about time!

I decided that it was time to update the look of the blog.  Especially since we haven't had any snow for two months and the Title Photo still showed sheep in the snow.  Of course, I have now wasted three-quarters of the day, playing on the computer!!!

I chose the new photo for two reasons.  First of all, because it includes Sable being introduced to Zaria's lambs.  Zaria and Sable have always had a special friendship and since I do a lot of posts about Bluff Country Canine Rescue on here, I figured that I should continue to include Sable in the Title Photograph.   The second reason I chose this photo is because Zaria was bred last fall and I get to chose a lamb to keep!  She probably isn't due until Mid-to-late May, so I've got something to look forward to!

For those of you who used to enjoy Dream's smart-alecky comments on my blog posts, you may enjoy the antics on "Hero's Blog"
It appears that Hero has a similar attitude (and JEALOUSY!) problem as to what Dream had!

Do I miss Dream and Zaria?
Of course I do!
I miss them ALL!

But the dogs help

And the Rescue keeps me incredibly busy.
I still have Kahlua and Tia Maria in the pasture, so I can still go out and sit with the sheep, when ever I want.

I've been doing quite a bit of spinning and needle felting. 
I'll have to do a blog update about that soon.

Right now, I've got to go feed five, HUNGRY dogs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

They know what you’re thinking about...


Shamelessly stolen from:

 "The Baboon's Guide to the Internet" 

The first few are familiar but there are a bunch of new ones that crack me up!

12 34 5

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's ABUSE, I tell ya!

Tia here.
  I want to tell everyone the TRUTH about the animal cruelty that's happening at 
Bluff Country Shetlands.

You see, Kahlua and I have just been hanging around, eating grass and minding our own business, when Mom decides to start RIPPING THE WOOL RIGHT OFF OF OUR BODIES!!!

I've got PROOF!
Just look at our poor, naked necks...

Mom seems to think that just because it didn't hurt or anything, it's OK.
She says it's an ancient process called 'rooing' that has been used instead of shearing primitive sheep for centuries, and that the wool is already loosened and ready to fall out.. 
I don't care WHAT Mom says...
It's a matter of principle!!!

At least it WAS until Mom mentioned paying a man to come over with a noisy machine, who would come over and set us on our butts and cut off ALL OF OUR WOOL AT ONCE!!!

At which point Kahlua said:

"Shut up Tia!"


(that's VERBAL ABUSE!)

Monday, April 23, 2012


I wanted to do a blog post today.
I tried to do a blog post today.
I even recorded a SHEEP video for today's post!

It's still downloading to Youtube...

Maybe tomorrow?
I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Many of the dogs that I rescue have faced euthanasia, starvation, abuse or any other circumstances that could have resulted in their death.  But they are all survivors.  They managed to beat the odds and hold on to life long enough to get rescued.  Life is not so bad for them right now.  It will be even better when they are placed in their Forever Homes.  Part of my job is to prepare the dogs for a good life as a well adjusted, well behaved canine that fits into the lifestyle of the people that I feel will make the best match for a lifetime of companionship based on mutual respect and LOTS of Love.

People sometimes wonder how I can survive living with so many (five is not THAT many ~ I have to admit that six IS pushing it!) dogs in my house.  Of course, you know the answer to that:  I LOVE dogs!  I also have the great good-fortune of having a nice, roomy house and enough fenced in land to allow said canines the opportunity to RUN off their excess energy.  The following is a short, three minute clip that shows how we burn off that energy so that they don't bounce off the walls in the house!  The dogs will typically spend anywhere from one to four hours outside each day.   I am usually out with them but it's also fun to watch them from the window in my kitchen or bedroom.  I am reminded of the song:  "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!" , only with the lyrics changed to:"DOGS" just want to have fun...

Got the song in your head now? Dogs, just want to have Fu-un.....

I'm showing my house this afternoon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a difference a Day makes...


Cricket's first full day in the Bluff Country.
From that frightened, defensive dog in yesterday's post, to this lovely, playful, ENERGETIC girl...

She's a Happy Girl!
Watch a VIDEO of the dogs running and playing on Hero's Blog...

Friday, April 20, 2012

A nice way to spend a rainy day...

I rescued another dog yesterday.
She'd been in 'Animal Control' since April 5 and it seems that nobody wanted her.

She was clearly not doing well kept in the shelter.  She was quite fearful and VERY thin.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to help her at first as she greeted me with some rather aggressive barking and threatening behavior.  Fortunately, I recognize this as defensive behavior on the part of a frightened dog and I sat down on the floor in front of her pen.

The poor thing was still worried and obviously distressed but she stopped barking at me.  I think one of the saddest sites is looking at a dog that is trapped behind bars.

An amazing transformation took place the instant the shelter attendant put a leash on "Cricket" (what I've decided to call her).  All fear was replaced with happiness and expectation!  She was overjoyed to be getting out of that pen.

Cricket was a very good girl on the car ride home in the rain.

I'm thinking that she may just be a black lab/greyhound mix.
She's quite tall and elegant, with a long, narrow head and muzzle, like a greyhound.  She also has a long, slender body (in addition to being very underweight) and long, refined legs.  Her coat color ranges from deep, ebony black to warm, mahogany brown with white on her chin and two of her paws.  She really is quite lovely.  And it turns out...a real SWEETHEART!

She knows her basic commands and seems to enjoy showing off for me.
She was very well behaved during the car ride home and if you'd like to see how she did once we got back 'Home', hop on over to Hero's Blog to see how meeting the other dogs went...

Give Hero a few minutes to do that post though as I have to go get everyone FED right now!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to hug your Dog.
Or Cat.
Or Sheep.
Or Kids.
Or significant other.
Or a stranger!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out of sight out of mind...?

Please share this with every dog owner that you know!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lookin' For Love...

Meet J.D.
(short for "John Deer" according to the man who surrendered this awesome dog)

JD is a three-year old, pure-bred, Red Tick Coon Hound.
I was unaware that there is another name for this breed:
Click on the link for more information about this handsome breed.

From what I have gathered, JD is a very nice example of the breed.  
He is also a very sweet, gentle boy.  He's in great shape and already neutered.  I'll be taking him to the vet on Thursday for his health check and immunizations, etc.  

There is a video on Hero's Blog, that shows how beautifully this guy moves in addition to how silly Hero is.  Oh my, he just FLOATS!
Such a beautiful dog.

The man who brought JD to me said that he was a stray.  He did say that he kept JD (so named
because he was wearing a green and yellow, John Deer collar when he was found) for several weeks and advised me that he is house trained, good with other dogs and cats, loves to snuggle and doesn't seem to have a lot of hunting instinct.  

JD was a bit timid upon first meeting me and cowered behind the man's legs.  He quickly relaxed and was soon running and playing with Hero.  I felt very sad for JD after the man who surrendered him left as all JD did was sit at the front door (all glass) or on the couch and stare out the window at the road.  He was clearly waiting for someone to come get him.  He showed no interest in food and didn't eat supper last night or breakfast this morning (until I sweetened the deal for him by adding some canned dog food to his kibble!).  Poor puppy cried into the early morning hours...

I finally got him to sleep last night by letting him UNDER THE COVERS on my bed.  He snuggled in down  by my feet (mmmmmmm!) and after a whimper or two, slept the rest of the night.  In fact, I had to wake him up this morning!

It's heart-breaking to see a dog so obviously longing for it's owner but JD is doing better today.  He hasn't cried much at all, although he does still sit at the window and look down the road.  He's warming up to me and I think he'll be great in a couple of days.  I'm hoping to get JD (and Hero!) enrolled in obedience classes in the very near future.  JD is VERY well behaved but I think it will give him more confidence and LORD knows that Hero could use a little "polish"...


Don't forget to check out the video of JD on 

I almost forgot!  
With the addition of JD (I am also STILL working on getting two other dogs rescued and transported here) and the emergence of FLEAS & TICKS, I'm desperately hoping for donations to Bluff Country Canine Rescue to help cover some of the expense.  I ordered 6 vials of flea & tick preventative/treatment last night and it was $70.00!!!  I still haven't got the heart worm medication that all the dogs should be on!  I'm hoping that since the flea & tick medicine I ordered also repels and kills mosquitoes, that will help protect them from heart worm.

I know that I really shouldn't even be trying to run a rescue, given the financial shape that I am in, but I have to do what I can to help these dogs!  Won't you please consider helping me with a cash donation so that I can continue to help homeless dogs get a second chance at a Forever home and a life filled with the love that they so freely give and so desperately want in return?

If you are able to help, you may use the "Chipin" widget on the side-bar of this blog or send checks to:

Nancy Krohn
% Bluff Country Fundraiser Account
Eastwood Bank
108 East Cedar
Houston, MN.  55943

Friday, April 13, 2012

A JOYOUS Reunion...

I got to visit with a former rescue and Forever Friend on Wednesday.  For the first time since she was adopted by her wonderful new "Parents", I saw our beautiful JILL 

I'm pretty sure that she was almost as happy to see me as I was to see her!

To think that I was worried she wouldn't remember me!
(not really)
We had a pretty strong bond built up over the time that "my" little Carolina Dog stayed with me in the Bluff Country.

She has a new name ("Lola") to go with her new life.  I think that Lola is a perfect name for our exotic beauty!  

I can't even begin to explain how happy it made me to see 'Lola' happy and confident in her very own home.  As much as I MISS her, she has her own family now and is loved  and thriving.

Lola showed me around her home and did a bit of showing off for me...

She has a nice, big, fenced in back yard.  

And LOTS of tennis balls.

Her new Dad has taught her some tricks.
Lola has the best 'sit', 'hi-five' and cutest little, drop-to-the-floor-like-a-sack-of-bones 'down', you have ever seen!  

She goes for lots of walks and visiting family and friends with her Mom & Dad.  
Perhaps Best of All...

Lola is going to come stay with me for a WEEK when her new Mom & Dad go on a trip this fall!  

It filled my heart with Joy to spend some time with this sweet, wonderful canine again.  The only negative was having to say good-bye one more time.  It was quite apparent that Lola thought she was coming with me ~ as she ran to the front door with her tail wagging ~ it made me sad to have to leave her behind but I will definitely go see her again (soon!) and I know that she is quite happy and VERY loved in her new home. 

Life is Good for Lola!


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