Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Adventures of the Back Yard Chickens...

Every morning I let the chickens out of their coop and into the back yard.
The Roosters:

and "LUCA"

check things out to make sure everything is safe.

The boys do a little "Dance" to scare away any would be predators/hen theives...

And then the girls get to go exploring!

They check the flowers planted along the 'chicken barn' for bugs.

Sometimes they get a little over-entusiastic!

But they're so darn CUTE!!

I LOVE having chickens in the back yard...

Doesn't EVERYBODY???

When they're all done exploring, I toss the chickens some bread crumbs and when they're done with their treat,

BELLA gets to clean up after them!
*Bread Crumbs, that is!!


  1. I so enjoy our birds, however, now something is getting into our coop at night and picking them off. Last night, we hung a light in the coop and nothing bad happened. Keep your safe.

  2. I wouldn't want to live without my chickens. There's something very theraputic about watching them stroll around looking for bugs. Sheep are the same way for me. No matter what's going on in my life, if I go sit with my girls I feel better after awhile. They just somehow make the world right.

  3. I feel the same way about my chickens and my sheep, Christine!

    Joanna, reading about others whos flocks are attacked by predators strikes such fear into my heart! I think I would just die if something hurt my animals. I did lose one chicken ~ my very favorite, of course ~ to something last winter and I cried for three days....

    I have the barn as safe as I think I can make it. K

    nocking on wood, waving DPNs and saying lots of prayers in the Bluff Country!

  4. what's the *bread crumbs thing about!? Love this post! Chickens just make me smile even if i don't want to! Yet another thing to get Carter worked into apparently :)

  5. Ah Nancy - chickens are so much fun aren't they.
    And they don't take up much room either. I have some Sicilian Buttercups coming soon - and some standard light brahmas - as well as some more cochins. I confess - I am a chickinaholic!
    By the way - did you ever really figure out what breed Bruce and Luca are?

  6. My Dear BBG ~ I was referring to the fact that Bella gets to clean up the bread crumbs (not chicken POOP!). ;-)

    The guy I bought Bruce from said he bred for mixed colored Silkies. I'm not sure if Bruce is a purebred Silky of mixed colors or a cross-bred Silky. I don't know enough about the various breeds to hazard a guess! Bruce is Luca's dad. Luca is out of (do you say that with chickens???) a Silkie hen. If Bruce IS a cross bred, I have no idea what the other breed would be.

    They sure are pretty boys though! And neither has ever shown any agression towards me.

    I WOULD LIKE TO ADD TWO BLUE COCHIN PULLETS TO MY FLOCK! (anyone know where I could get just 2?)

  7. Your chickens sure are pretty. I love those dancing roosters. I may have to think about building a chicken coop for next year :)

  8. Nancy, your chickens are beautiful! Such wonderful feathers and colors.

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. I dont think you should buy anymore "cochins" or whatever other chickeny types there are. Reason being, I think you should let one or two of the new girls' egss hatch (once they start laying), so you can see what the handsome boys do with your pretty new girls! Could be fun!

  10. Your roosters are beautiful and your hens hilarious. Great pictures!

  11. Beautiful birds :o) I hope Chris and I get some soon, if/when we move to the cottage. It is still being worked on at the moment.

  12. Beautiful... (I have to admit, I love eggs, too...)

  13. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Your pictures are great! What kinda of rooster is that one at the top with feathery feet and very bright colors? I'm trying to hatch eggs so I can enjoy some chickens too.

  14. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I;m not anonymous I just don't know how to tell my name Jeanette



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