Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black and BLUE...

Ameraucanas, that is!

Meet "Storm" (rooster) and "Sky" (hen).
Breed History:
The Ameraucana was developed in the 70s by a few people who were trying to standardize the Araucana breed. The Ameraucana is easier to breed as there are no complications due to lethal genes. A very detailed history of the Ameraucana can be read at the Ameraucana Breeders Club website. Besides the above color requirements the following are some of the traits Ameraucanas should posess: {eyes - bay (reddish brown)} {shanks & feet - slate (blue grey) black accepted on black birds, bottoms of feet white} {ear lobes - red, pale on females (no white)} {comb - pea} {wattles - very small, absent} {skin - white} {toes - four} {muffs & beard - forming three seperate lobes, absence is a DQ} {egg color - blue, minty green} {cock weight - 6.5 lbs/cockerel - 5.5 lbs} {hen weight - 5.5 lbs/pullet - 4.5 lbs} {full breast, medium back, and tail carried at 45 degrees above horizontal} {the bird must breed true to color}

So, I went to the Country Fair, looking for Cochins. But this beautiful pair of Blue Ameraucanas caught my eye!

Not that they noticed ME! Storm was quite busy challenging the roosters (of ANY breed!) in cages near him. What a feisty little bird he is!

But Storm and Sky are wild, crazy, hysterical birds! quite timid. Fortunately, I brought home another Ameraucana: a lovely black girl who carries Blue:
I named her "Scarlet"

She is VERY sweet!

Please indulge me while I show off a bunch of photos I took of this little gem...

DREAM says...

"I think I'm going to be sick!
Hey, CrazySheepLady ~ Can I come live with YOU???

Now, Dreamer! I still love you. I'm going to get off the computer, RIGHT NOW, and come out and sit with you and your friends...


  1. Tell Dream that she could come and live with me and never have to worry about chickens.

  2. Oh you are so funny, Nancy. We have always loved our birds, too.
    And yes, our Mama Hen raising Ducky is a Buff Orpington, our all around favorite, mild bird. But we, too, love our hardy, green egg- producing Americaunas.

  3. Mmmm Nancy - Nice looking birds! I'll have to get my pics posted of our new birds as well.
    And tell Dreamer not to worry - moms just on a chicken bender (I do it all the time) ;-)

  4. I LOVE your new Ameraucanas! My Easter Eggers are my favorite hens to look at, and I love the color of their eggs. Here's to a profitable little side business selling purebred chicks!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Ameraucanas. I have lots of Easter Eggers (they don't breed true) and they are my favorites. Fun little animals.

  6. They are beautiful birds! But, Dream, you know you're your Mom's favorite!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. What great looking chickens, and a very proud looking rooster. I love the blue color. I really enjoy my chickens, they have such great personalities, and are a lot of fun to watch.

  8. Anonymous11:41 PM

    She's a beaut! I'm looking forward to getting a few chickens of my own real soon!
    We use to have Ameraucanas 25 years ago...loved the color of the eggs...they were such sweet birds...

  9. Are you going to breed and show chickens?

    Nice Ameraucanas! We have some of the commercial multi colored "Ameraucanas" and they are so cute! We even have a red "Ameraucanas" cross hen with the little puffys. They do seem to pass that down. Are yours bantams or full sized?

  10. I will definitely breed and raise a couple of batches of pure-bred chicks ~ both the Ameraucanas and the Black Cochins. The breeder I bought them from (poultry superintendant and judge at the County Fair) shows all over the country and I could get some tips from him. It's just a matter of finding the TIME....

    Of course, while I'm planning on breeding pure-breds, I have to keep each group separate. THAT's a pain in the butt! Then again, I won't want to be hatching eggs all the time so I suppose I could let them co-mingle during the times I'm not letting them set...

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Welcome to the world of chicken hoarding, Sis : ).

  12. Hahahaha - Dreamer, you are always welcome, but your momma would miss you terribly. And the chickens aren't so bad and the blue on IS really pretty...

  13. Nancy,
    I have been an Ameraucana breeder for years. In fact, I got that history the ABC has ready for printing and posting back when I was a member! I even have some of John B.'s stock still here. :) I really think you will enjoy this breed. I specialized in the Black/Blue/Spangled and silvers.



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