Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good NIGHT ~ Good MORNING in the Bluff Country...

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Oh, I hope you can see this! I hope it shows up on your browser. This was the sky when I got home from work last night. The moon was so bright and it outlined the roof of my barn SO beautifully ~ I just HAD to take pictures!

I just use the "Auto" button on my camera (I can't SEE well enough to even know what all the other settings are for!) so these are certainly not sharp or clear but I love them just the same.

This one is just a "close-up" of the moon and whatever planet it is that follows it around in the night sky.

My crowing roosters called me out this morning to witness the foggy sunrise!

We often have morning fog in our peaceful, little valley.

What a wonderful way to start the day!

DAZZLE says...

"We hope it's a beautiful day where ever YOU live!..."


  1. Thank you Dazzle, it is a beautiful day here in the NC Appalachians, I wish you could come visit me here someday, I'd spoil you silly!

  2. Nothing better than a foggy morning!

  3. Sheep and foggy morning just have to go hand in hand! You must have beautiful mornings living in a valley!!

  4. We get those beautiful foggy mornings too. Don't they just fill your soul with happiness?
    I enjoy ready your blog and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, I loved the moon photo with the barn's roof line. Thanks for sharing it.



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