Monday, August 03, 2009

Chickens in the Back Yard....

The chickens still haven't figured out the ladder/window thing, so today I left the door to their coop open so that they could come into the backyard.

They had so much fun! I took lots of photos but I'm really tired so I'm going to go take a nap before I have to get ready for work. I'll post more tomorrow...


  1. How do keep everything looking so nice and tidy around there? Beautiful flowers all around.

  2. Thank you Joanna! The only reason that there are ANY flowers around is because the sheep DON'T LIKE Impaitience....


  3. Those chickens are so pretty that they look like lawn decorations!

  4. That's a BEAUTIFUL picture! There are so many colors, yet its so simple and pastoral and inviting! Im glad you've still got some flowers, they're certainly making up for what was eaten

  5. I agree that is just a beautiful picture! You might have to do a chicken calendar too! :)

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Do you think a solid ramp would work for the chickens?

  7. Nancy, how in the world do you find time and energy for all that you do??? You have a beautiful yard, gorgeous birds, fabulous sheep and work a job outside the home as well. I need what you are drinking! You are the bomb!



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