Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Now Where Was I...
...Oh, Yes, Chickens in the Back Yard!

Like I said yesterday, I like having my chickens outside instead of spending all of their time in the coop. The one problem I'm having right now is that they won't use the ladder to the window I've set up so that they can get out when ever they want.

Yesterday, I left the door to their coop open so they could go out through the barn into the backyard.

The only problem with this option is that they also can go back into the barn and POOP ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

I do NOT like chicken poop all over my barn floor.

I like chicken poop OUTSIDE!

I've tried to explain this to my chickens but they don't seem to grasp the importance of this issue.

Star and Elvira are used to being "free range" chickens.

They were wild chickens when I got them. They quickly showed the Buff Orpingtons how to take 'dust baths'.

Oprah and Goldilocks have never been outside before!

I think it's safe to say that they enjoyed themselves...

The boys, of course, kept a close watch over their girls.

Ann Margaret spent most of the time sunning herself!

Communal dust baths were enjoyed by all...

Although, it did get a bit crowded at times!

Star didn't seem to mind though.

I better quit and go let my chickens out!
Oh yes, and sweep the barn floor!

DREAM says...

"Don't even THINK about asking Mom when the last time she swept in the HOUSE was..."


  1. Those are some beautiful chickens! What type is Star?

  2. Looks like they had a beautiful day OUTSIDE.

  3. Absolutely perfect pictures! What a great blog post. I love watching the dust bathing antics too. For some reason, they always choose a spot near my flowers though. I don't like holes dug in my flower beds.

  4. Star and Elvira are both "Easter Eggers". Someday they'll give me beautiful, blue-green eggs!

    It's another beautiful day in the Bluff Country and the chickens are, once again, exploring the backyard. So far, they haven't done any digging in my flowers. They prefer the area under the electric fence (where I've killed all vegetation with RoundUp ~ so much for 'organic') for their dust baths.

  5. They look like they were having a blast! :)

  6. Your chickens are beautiful. Aren't they just too much fun. Spent $27 on two bags of food - mash and scratch today - argh - but they're worth it for the entertainment value if nothing else...

  7. I love letting my chickens free range, they always look so happy (just like yours do!) Geez, I have chicken, guinea, turkey and peacock poo everywhere! (let me tell you...you definitely don't want peacock poo in your barn!!)Fortunately the dogs keep the chickens down by the barn and away from the house. :)

  8. The Buffs are so beautiful. My two are just a few weeks younger, so it is fun to see yours and know what mine will look like.



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