Monday, August 31, 2009

MUTINY In The Bluff Country...

It seems that some of my sheep are feeling a bit neglected. When I went out to sit with them this past weekend I was mobbed!

Even DREAM had to shove Prima Dona and Dazzle away to get in for some lovin'

"Well, if you'd tear yourself away from those silly chickens and get your butt out here more often, maybe everyone wouldn't be so starved for attention!"

Even Dazzle was complaining about being lonely!

Zaria was grumbling about the weeds growing in the pasture...

"The girls and I were talking about taking up a collection and buying Mom a new Sythe! She must have LOST the one she had. It's probably buried in all those shavings in the CHICKEN pen!.."

Even the BOYS got in on the revolt!

"HI, Mom!"

I do NOT want my breeding group (if ANY) put together until NOVEMBER.
LATE November!!

Fortunately, Nick helped me fix the fence where Hunter made his 'great escape'. I think I'll put an unused paddock between the ewes and rams from now on...

DREAM says...

"OR, you could just pay more attention to us girls! I keep telling you ~ we get LONELY!!..."

You're right, Dreamer. I need to make you ladies a priority again!
I'll try. But right now, I've got to look up some information on Cochin chickens on the Internet....


  1. Shame on you, Mom! Dreamer is clearly telling you she's more important than silly (although beautiful!) chickens! I'm sure that you, like most moms, will soon find a balance and make both the chickens and sheep feel important.

    I have it easy - only one cat!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. How many chickens do you have now? Those sheep miss you.

  3. What kinda info ya need? :) Yeah, my girls were all angry with me the other day...I haven't been feeling well and have been trying to move the house around to fit a couch in the living room, so I haven't had the time to run out to the farm...they were very unhappy. As were my baby boys...:)

  4. If Hunter gets bad with smashing and getting out ram shields work. I have one ram who is good, but at breeding time he is very bad and a ram shield kept him in. Your sheep sound like my sheep-when I weaned my lambs this year I had 2 fences inbetween them and they still got together again. (I did get them weaned in the end, but they can be so bad!)

  5. Oh, I TOTALLY saw this coming! ;-)

  6. The chickens do have a way of becoming an obsession. I think it's part of their evil plan to take over the world.

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I love that photo with the thistle & sheep.
    The dark sheep's wool really sets off the silouette (sp?) of the thistle's texture.
    Diane L./ Bloomington,IN.

  8. Dream is HILARIOUS!!! I have to admit, i wasnt ever really sure why you chose her to have the "Last Word", I just figured it was a personal favorite sort of thing, but her ATTITUDE was very evident in this post, and your captions were perfect! And whag was hunter doing in with the girls!? Did he get out by himself?!

  9. Your posts always have an amusing side to them:) I am thinking your sheep really do talk LOL

  10. Of COURSE they talk! Don't yours???

    Yes, Katie. Hunter got out all by himself. Although, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Dream didn't help him! He willingly walked right back into the ram's paddock when I opened the gate for him.

    I have (pause to think and count) 13 chickens now. I need at LEAST 4 more... (new colors to play with!)

    After what greated me when I got home from work tonight ~ those sheep may just get MIGHTY lonely for a while... BAD SHEEP!

  11. Oh my....That's never something I want to see when I'm gazing out at my ewe flock....a horned ram trying to 'blend in' with the girls..... And of course you don't want to stop at 13--that is an unlucky number, right?



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