Tuesday, September 01, 2009


My chickens are nice.

My chickens appreciate being let out into the backyard to snatch up nasty bugs that might harm my beautiful plants.

They do NOT EAT/KILL/DESTROY all of my beautiful, backyard plants that I have labored over and cared for all summer long.

My chickens do not girdle the trunk of the lovely "Snow Crab" Tree that I have been nursing back to health after some, nasty, woolly creature girdled it this Spring!

They don't leave piles of black dirt all over the patio, where potted plants of lush, Geraniums and colorful Mums once stood.

Can you guess what I came home from work to at 11 o'clock last night???
The first clue was "raisins" on the floor in the garage that I noticed while feeding the dogs. I had left the dogs outside with the door from the (attached) garage open to the backyard so they could go out when ever they want. As I was setting down the dog food, I noticed the little, dark, raisins, scattered about the floor in the garage. Oh-oh. Sure enough. I turned on the back light and stepped out onto the patio. Over turned pots were every where. Bye-bye Geraniums who had made a third and final comeback and were just beginning to flower. So long to the 5 gorgeous, rust colored Mum plants that I had just purchased last weekend and hadn't even had time to plant yet. See you next year Hostas, Daylillies, Clematis, Daisies, Purple Cone Flowers, Irises. The only thing left are the Impatience (which they NEVER touch, so obviously do not like!),Rosemary and Thyme. Oh, and my "Zone 4 Hardy" Hibiscus and Lavender plants! I SWEAR, I would have killed the sheep if they'd ate them too!

So, my beautiful backyard is done for this year. I'm afraid, my lovely Snow Crab tree is done ~ for good. :-(
I'll probably buy a new one next year. Hope springs eternal, ya know.

It's my own fault. Once again, I obviously failed to chain the gate shut. It closes automatically but can be pushed open easily if the chain's not on. I guess I forgot to chain it when I cam in from sitting with the shits sheep yesterday...

As angry as I am at the sheep (and at myself), I am SO grateful to my DOGS! Sadie (a Treeing Walker Coonhound ~ that's a HUNTING breed folks!) and Bella (English Shepherd) were in the garage and yard WITH the sheep. As much as I would have appreciated it if they would have chased the sheep back into the pasture, I'm so grateful that they didn't ATTACK them! It could have been SO much worse....

Counting my blessings (but still mad at my sheep!) in the Bluff Country...

DREAM says...



  1. Oh Nancy I hate it when that happens! I've had my fair share of my sheep getting lose and not only killing my own bushes, but getting into my neighbors field! It is so frustrating to put so much care and money into flora to have it eaten down.
    Look at the bright side, at least the plants weren't toxic, and your sheep are healthy.
    And I do love bantys. They are so non-destructive and respectful of the property. Even my large fowl trash the place, throwing mulch everywhere and making dust bath bowls out of my gardens.

  2. Okay, I feel your pain but the burp was hilarious. 'Cause you know that is exactly what she said. lol Don't worry. Chickens will do something eventually and the sheep will be back in your good graces. I swear around here they all draw straws while I'm not looking to see who's going to get into something that day.

  3. B-a-a-a-a-d sheep. Boy, when Mama's away, the... do play.

  4. Oh Dream. How could you.

  5. Bad sheep. Good chickens. Unhelpful dogs!

  6. Eh, you'll be cursing the chickens out when they start digging holes for dusting in your yard and garden ;-) Sorry about the sheepies though...we fence all our gardens just in case...lol. And the guineas are hell on roses!

  7. LOL how could you stay mad at that face? And your chickens are beautiful. I'd love to let mine free range but just know my barn cats would eat them. Right now I am working on building them a moveable pen.

  8. I know! The goats are just as bad. I've lost so many plants to them this year. I do like my chickens though. They never eat anything they shouldn't.

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Ah yes, those pesky "I thought you were locked" gates. Yesterday when I got home from a thousand errnads, I noticed the baby goats weren't in their play yard so I figured they were in the barn. I happily plopped my new to me shoes in my room, glanced out my sliding door and WHAT!! Where did THOSE baby goats come from?? They're mine....HOW DID THEY GET THERE???
    Oh. Opps. My bad.
    I didn't lathch the gate when I went in cause I came out through the barn.
    But at least they didn't eat my gardens... otherwise, the freezer would be full!

  10. Marilyn6:36 PM

    You have some very pretty chickens. You have been worned they are habit forming haven't you?
    Check out the Feather site web site. More breeds of chickens than you would have ever imagined!
    About those sheep....You need to get the locking latch for that gate. The one that latches when the gate swings shut. Which it will do if you use a bungie cord set up on the gate to act like a screen door spring. Mount this lock on the outside of the gate where smart little sheep can't figure out how to work it.
    This is what save me from loose critters. I set the bungie cord tight enough that the gate bangs shut so I can here that it is closed.
    Good doggies!

  11. Does this mean the sheep don't get any pumpkins for Halloween? I still remember the orange lips post! LOL My goats have stripped one too many trees too. I hope all goes better in the days to come:)

  12. I loved the burp at the end. The chickens photos are great, so pretty. The Feathersite Marilyn mentioned is a very good place to check out if you haven't already. I always step over my woven wire fencing for feeding the sheep, so I don't have to worry about forgetting to latch gates. But I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten that I'm filling the goose pool. Their pen (our backyard) is very well watered. :-)

  13. Wow...those rotten sheep. :-) I guess at least now you won't have to worry about cleaning things up when the first killing frost hits. So very glad your two dog girls were such good girls. Very, very glad. They deserve an extra hug and treat for that.



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