Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They're On Their Way....

This is the view, looking down into the box, of the two Mille Fleur bantam Cochins that are winging their way (via Priority Mail!) across the country to their new home in the Bluff Country. I'm maybe just a LITTLE bit excited...

This lovely pair is coming from Tim Kerbo in Oklahoma. This is a photo of the pullet(little girl), taken 3 weeks ago. She is already showing more brown coloring coming in. That will continue to develop as she matures. I'll probably breed her to a darker roo, to make it likely that her chicks have more color.

And THIS handsome 5 month old rooster is flying all the way from Mike Vogan in Georgia! Isn't he awesome???

He's not striking a very "Cochin-like" pose here. Cochins are supposed to be round. Kind of like a fluffy bowling ball. I suspect it's just this photo as the breeder I got him from breeds some REALLY nice quality birds. Regardless, his color is GORGEOUS! We'll know more about his "type" soon enough since all three of these beauties should arrive tomorrow morning!

I might, possibly, be persuaded to share a photo or two of the newcomers when they arrive...

DREAM says...

"This is all your fault, Rayna!"


  1. Beautiful birds Nancy.
    Hey, I gotta give you a word of advice...
    Never ever ever use the word "roo" instead of cock or cockerel! It's like using the term buck to describe a ram, nails on a chalkboard! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jules. I had no idea!
    That really stinks because I have to admit, I don't feel comfortable using the word 'cock'. My mother's influence lives on! Some lessons were, quite literally, pounded into me as a young girl. I guess I'll just have to get over it and make myself use the proper terminology...

  3. I love Juliann's comment. Reminds me of how I feel about the use of "gals" for women. Always wondered about the use of "buck" for a ram. It was something new to me.

  4. Good heavens, he is GORGEOUS! I suspect it's just the camera angle that makes him seem a little tall and thin. I get that sometimes when I'm photographing my own birds. I suspect he's going to make beautiful babies.

  5. Oh! I'm so sorry Dream! More chickens for you! I suppose if you get REALLY tired of them you can send them to me! Goat consolation from Isobelle!

  6. Goodness, I'd go with "cockerel" if those are your choices! Im with you on this one mom!

  7. You can't say Rooster in the professional/pure bred chicken world? Awe . We call our cock "Roostie Boy" and the tom turky is "Tommy" of course. Your new chickens are very pretty by the way! Poor Dream is going to die of jealousy.

  8. Sorry Dreamer, at least it wasn't Showgirls...man them birds are ugly! Oh, and I use the term "roo" anyway...I know it's blasphemy, but it's an endearing term to me. Besides, all your boys are cockerals yet, so you're fine practicing "cock" lol I feel squeemish saying it sometimes too, duno why lol.

  9. Poor Dream - more beautiful chickens coming to the farm!!! They are beautiful, though.

    Nancy in Iowa



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