Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Three...HUNTER...

As much as Dream may complain, it is really the BOYS that get neglected around here! Since being ousted from their barn and paddock so the chickens could take it over, Hunter and the two remaining ram lambs are living in the pasture with a large calf hut for shelter. They're doing fine, but not getting much attention.

The 'big guy' does miss being petted and scratched and can occasionally be seen 'scratching his itch' on my fences!

Hunter doesn't have to bash fences to destroy them ~ he just LEANS on them!

"But, it feels SO good!"

"Ah, yes ~ right there!"

For the record, although I don't go into the pasture with the boys very often (other than when I have to wash their water bucket), I DO give them lots of pets and scratches through the fence. And Hunter, is a perfect gentleman!
HUNTER says...

"Life is good in the Bluff Country..."

Yes, it is my beautiful Golden Boy! But I'm still hoping that we find a new home for you, SOON, where you can have a whole flock of EWES to keep you company...


  1. oh my, he's gorgeous, I'd love to just sit and watch him.

  2. He is gorgeous! I have been asking my hubby if we can get set up for a few sheep. Time will tell.

  3. Hunter is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe I will work on my husband that I need a new ram. Wish me luck there. And then there's the distance issue too!

  4. hi nancy if you know of a way to get him to pennsylvania i will buy him if you would please email me at thanks

  5. He's such a handsome boy. My guys are unhappy right now as they have been separated from the girls for 2 weeks. I like the scratching pictures.

  6. oooh! I think I love him! Wow. Maybe I can dress up like a sheep and come visit! hee hee Kisses to Hunter from Isobelle!

  7. Mmmm, Hunter is a hunk! And I'm not even a sheep!



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