Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Range Cochins...

I love to let my Cochins out of their pens to "free range". I figure it's good for them ~ both exercise wise and food wise. They delight in picking through the grass and weeds and digging in the dirt.

I even gave them a couple of Sunflowers to toy with/eat. They didn't seem too interested until the flosers were a couple of days old.

Now they're picking off the seeds like they're a real delicasy!

Silk prefers stale bread...
I get a kick out of how the black trio stays so close together.
Under the watchful eyes of "Shine".

I love to watch their fluffy butts as they walk back to their barn...
I've divided the stall in the barn into two halves so that when I'm not there, to watch the cochins outside, only one group can be out at a time. I am defiinitely keeping my breeding groups separate! ;-)

I know ~ it's not exactly a professional job, making the divider, but it WORKS! I even cut the wire so it goes around/over the feed and water containers.

Besides, I want it 'portable' so I can take it out when I get my "bachalor pad" built for the roosters ~ then all the hens will be in the one big stall, together.

Although, I kind of hate to break up my breeding groups...
They seem so HAPPY!


  1. Well it looks like you've been building a little at least, and it's working, of course! You always do a good job on your projects, and just remember, this is just for you and your chickens, so you can take your time and start over as many times as you want, no one will care, but you have to get started! I finished lining my trunk tonight, i tried to send you a pic but my computer wont read photo cards now!?! Regardless, its your turn :)

  2. Awww, I love fluffy chicken butts! Do you really need to keep them separate from the roos? They'll all be happier if you keep your breeding groups together.



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