Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here Comes TROUBLE....

My newest Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin Rooster, "TROUBLE" is finally here! He arrived at the local Post Office at 7 o'clock this morning ~ after leaving GA on Monday!

I was so worried that this poor, baby boy was going to be weak from his long journey. NOT A PROBLEM!

Trouble came out of his box ~ not looking for food or water ~ looking for a fight with any other chicken! I tell you, this guy was ticked off!

He finally did settle down and eat. He is absolutely GORGEOUS! A beautiful, deep, Mahogany color with LOTS of the black and white chevrons that distinguish a Mille Fleur pattern. I am thrilled to add him to my flock!

TROUBLE says...

"I'm not just another pretty, Fuzzy Butt!"

DREAM says...

"I LIKE his attitude!!!"

You better practice that smile, Dreamer ~ I'm going to do some SHEEPY posts this weekend...


  1. Great name! I think he may be my favorite, after my ditzy Lucca of course. I like the ones with attitude too :) I have to say though, Im a bit jealous that your new chickens have more chevrons than I do!! (chevrons denote rank in the military)

  2. Hey, my Beautiful Baby Girl! I suspect you'll get all the chevrons that you WANT! ;-)

    Your Lucca is being a very good boy. I am very happy with all my new MFCs. Can't wait for you to see them!

    I love you

  3. I'd be mad too if I had gotten stuck in a box for a couple of days. lol So glad he made it okay. I was worried right along with you. He was worth the wait though, huh? So handsome!

  4. Trouble is perfect - he's gorgeous and looks like he'll be king of the roost.

    Don't worry, Dream, I'm sure you're still top dog, er, sheep!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Another lovely member of your flock! It must make you so happy to go out and just enjoy watching your chucks and sheep :o)

  6. You are SO right, Jenny! I love nothing more than to sit out with BOTH of my flocks! If only I had more time to do so....



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