Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad Karma?
...or Pay Back's a B @ * # ~

This has not been one of Mom's better weeks.  First, she couldn't get Blogger to let her upload any photos to her blog posts.  That sure threw a crimp in her style!

Then, the wind blew the gate to the paddock by the barn in the backyard open, so us girls went in and "introduced" ourselves to the CHICKENS. Mom was NOT pleased by this. She seemed especially displeased by the fact that we tipped over, and helped ourselves to the chicken feed. That was GOOD STUFF!

And of course, when Mom came running out, screeming like a banshee,  and chased us out of the paddock, one of the ram lambs (Zorro) jumped the fence and got in with us girls.  So Mom then had to separate him from the girls and get him back in with the rams.  She was NOT a happy camper.

Hey ~ it was OUR BARN FIRST!!!


  1. I think you may have the beginning of a mutiny at your your backside:) Good thing you created separate blogs for the sheep & chickens. I am thinking you need to get the sheep some pumpkins......

  2. OH, you naughty girls!!! I'm going to go over and look at the chickens now.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Oh dear, keep a careful eye on the girls! When I looked at our chicken feed, it had quite a bit of copper in it!

  4. Oh the joy of being where you arent suppose to be!! For some reason chicken feed can really cause problems in other animals. I about lost a goat kid because she was sneaking into the chicken feed that she could just barely reash but was enough to make her sick!!

  5. Ah yes I know this story well. Only mine was a giant puppy instead of a ram lamb. I hope they didn't eat too much.

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    It happens. I use strong bungee cords on all fence gates to help keep them closed. At least you were home when all heck broke loose! Hang in there.

  7. They're nearly as naughty as my sheep... hmm well maybe not that naughty. It took me two hours to find them all and get them back in their field yesterday, then a further 3 hours to set up an electric fence... and this morning? Sheep everywhere again!

  8. I should clarify; the girls didn't get into a bag or bin of chicken feed ~ only a small feeder. Not enough to hurt anyone. Just enough to make me MAD!

    I'm thinking of plotting my own revenge: it's about time for FOOT TRIMMING...



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