Wednesday, September 09, 2009

They're On The Way....

My very first pair of Mille Fleur breeding stock bantam Cochins left Utah, last night and should arrive in the Bluff Country early tomorrow morning! Their breeder (Josh Singleton of Utah) let them out for one last romp before placing them in the box that would bring them to their new home.

I went to my local post office and told them to call me the MINUTE my babies arrive and I will come in to get them. Please keep them in your thoughts and say prayers ~ wave DPNs or whatever it is that you do when you hope to influence the outcome of things ~ for them to have a safe journey!

DREAM says...

"God's speed, little ones.
Here's the thing: I'll grant you, they ARE kind of cute. I guess they'll be OK. I'm sure this means there will be another chicken post tomorrow, which is OK as long as I and my friends GET EQUAL TIME!

It's a deal Dreamer!


  1. They are almost camoflauged in the mulch :-)

  2. Chalk one up for Yucatan; there arent many places left in the world where you can just walk into your post office and ask for a personal message when your chickens arrive. ;)

  3. It's so exciting to get birds in the mail. We always ask the post office to call when the birds arrive too. I have to say the Mora post office staff can't be beat, a couple weeks ago they even lent me the money to mail out some wool samples when I was short of cash. That's service above and beyond! :-) Looking forward to photos of your new birds in Minnesota.

  4. I GUESS that's above and beyond the call! I don't think that my post office would actually lend me money. Then again, I WOULD like to order some more Cochins....

  5. They are so beautiful! I hope they arrive safely. Put my on your list of future customers.

  6. My post office ladies called me at the crack of dawn when I ordered my batch of layers. Had me come in before business hours and the whole bit. They were so excited about the peeping package, they just wanted to see what was inside. lol

    Sending good chickie thoughts your way.

  7. Sending safe travel thoughts your way. My post office called me when my chicks arrived, but then we know each other well as I am always getting large boxes of horse stuff delivered or sent to me. All the best Nancy.

  8. I am waiting for a call from my post office too! Just little Easter Egger chicks, but still exciting! There is a postal sorting station about 20 minutes from here that gets the chicks first, I have them call me so the little guys don't have to wait to be sent to our post office in town.

  9. they are pretty cute:) Isn't it fun to have an obsession about animals of any kind? LOL

  10. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm looking forward to being a mile from an itty bitty small town post office someday and getting chickies in the mail. Sounds fun!




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