Tuesday, September 08, 2009

If You Think the EWES Had it Bad...

My poor boys have been banned to the outer pasture, to make room for more CHICKENS in the barn!

They have plenty of good grazing and fresh water and shelter, so they're not exactly 'abused' but they're not exactly getting lots of attention either. Then again, that's not such a bad thing with rams. The truth is, I hope to have all three boys gone within the next month. Hunter (beautiful, Mioget, HST, 2yr old ram) is for sale. (although, I MIGHT just use him, quick before he goes!) I had a buyer for him but she can't take him until December and I do not want to keep an intact ram any longer.

Here are the results of his 2year old fleece micron test: He averaged 23.7 microns, with a standard deviation of 6.3, a coefficient of variation of 26.6, had 2% of his fibers below 15 microns, 85.4% below 30 microns, and a spin fineness of 24.3 microns. Contact me if you are interested in adding this handsome boy to YOUR flock!

The girls are enjoying the side pasture again today.

I have to move them back to their main pasture, before I leave for work because I don't have the electric hooked up on the temporary fence any more.

I LOVE this picture of my Black Cochin: "SHINE"

DREAM says...

"BOY! Things sure are CRAZY around here!"


  1. 5-point comb on Shine looks good.

  2. nice numbers on Hunter!! congrats on that :)

  3. I know you're all excited about the chickens, and im happy for you, they sound like a lot less work and they're awfully cute! But is it absolutely necessary to get rid of hunter? Can't you just not breed him, or keep him as a stud (no idea if sheep are like horses in this respect!?), and if for no other reason than he's nice and pretty, and you have been known to change your mind from time to time. ;) It'd be quite a shame to have to turn around and buy some big expensive ram who isnt very nice in a year or so

  4. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I bet someone would love to lease Hunter for the fall/winter. Then you could reevaluate. Do what makes you hapy, but we will miss Hunter. OR..could you co-own him with someone?

  5. I can understand enjoying your chickens, but I love my rams. Plus I'm not sure I could give up lambing time and the cuteness which follows. I think though it's better to do what makes you happy and what you can live with. Sounds like the December home for Hunter would work if you used him as a breeding ram until then. Good luck Nancy.

  6. Hi! I heard you on WPR this afternoon and had to look you up. I am always wishing to go to the sheep festival but it is just too far a drive for me with my old cars. Your sheep are beautiful, I'd love to have sheep again. They are such great critters. Love the Shetlands! Anyway, had to say hi and "follow" you.




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