Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Feel SO Much Better...

THEY'RE HERE!! My very first pair of Mille Fleur breeding stock, bantam Cochins arrived at the local post office at 7:10 this morning. As much as I tossed and turned and had really weird dreams all night long, I can tell you: that phone call jerked me out of a VERY sound sleep!

I threw on some clothes and jumped in the car and rushed into town. I was so scared on the drive home because they weren't "peeping"! The box was SO quiet.

But as soon as I opened it, out bounced two, obviously very healthy (all-be-it THIRSTY and HUNGRY) young Cochins!

This is "Java"
(she's a 4 month old pullet *young hen*)

I chose her because her markings are VERY nice.

The "Mille Fleur" pattern in Cochins is a work in progress and there are no perfect birds. Therefore, I am selecting pairs that will lead me closer and closer to developing a show quality line of Mille Fleur patterned Cochins. (much like I did with developing a line of quality, HST Shetlands!)

This is "SPLASH".
(he's about 3 1/2 months old ~ cockerel is the name for a young rooster)

I love his color and think he has very nice "type" for a young bird.

Both of these birds are very young and will most likely change dramatically as they mature. But, I feel like I'm off to a good start...

Thank you, Josh Singleton for all the hard work you've put into developing the Mille Fleur bantam Cochin and for letting me purchase these sweet, beautiful birds. I love them already and look forward to perpetuating the line that you've worked so hard to produce!

DREAM says...

"Welcome to the Bluff Country Splash and Java!"

"Mom's got pairs of these goofy looking birds 'Millie Flower' Cochins coming from at least two other breeders so we may as well sit back and watch the show..."


  1. I'm glad they arrived safely. I'm in love!

  2. Finding my favorite farm blogs has been a real education for me. I love the photos of animals, but I have really treasured the knowledge I'm getting about so many varieties! Until a few months ago, I thought chickens were just chickens. Now, even without seeing these in person, I begin to understand the interest in and love for these beautiful birds! Thank you!!!

    Nancy in an Iowa apartment!!!

  3. Want! Want! Want! (said while pointing at the computer monitor like a two year old)

  4. Yes, I love the coloring on Splash. We used to ship and receive poultry and remarkably the birds always did just fine.

  5. Congratulations Nancy - they are just gorgeous.
    And they look so wonderful after that long trip.
    I don't know much about shipping grown birds by post - but we've had chicks shipped before.
    Chickens are so much fun - well most of the time.

  6. I'm glad they arrived safely. They are both very pretty. Looks like Dream requires extra animal crackers to make it through the day lol.

  7. Awesome, congrats Nancy! Can't wait to see what's next :)

  8. Oh congratulations on your new "babies" Nancy, they are beautiful! Wish I could meet them! Looking forward to the next arrivals :o) x

  9. You had the whole day off right?? Wheres the new post! Some of us depend on a routine!

  10. OK, when does the sales blog for those cuties go up? I'm just like Christine...want! want! want! (And normally banties are a no-no around here - only egg layers that can earn their keep...)

  11. What gorgeous birds!! I can't wait to see the next pairs, and what you do when it comes to breeding... very exciting!!



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