Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day Two ~ Gone to the BIRDS...

So, I did spend a LITTLE time with my Chickens.

They are just so much FUN!!!

I love it when the wind ruffles the butt feathers on the Cochins!

I LOVE this bird!!

SCARLET is the only one of my Ameraucanas who is friendly. And she is very, VERY sweet!

She always greats me when I come into the barn and will perch on my arm and eat bread from my hand, while I'm tossing it to the other chickens.

I took the screen off the windows in the Ameraucanna's pen so that they can get outside. So far, only Star and Elvira come out.

And they head right for the DIRT BATH...

Doesn't that look like FUN???

DREAM says...

"Yeah? Well, I like it when the wind ruffles MY butt feathers and you don't seem to think it's so cool when I roll in the dirt! What's up with that???"


  1. I'm afraid the word "chicken" just does not do justice to your beautiful birds! They are amazing. I'm sure Dream will forgive you for spending some time with them. Eventually.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Poor old Dream, are "ewe" playing second fiddle to a load of chucks? They are beautiful birds thoughm I hope Chris and I get into our cottage soon and get our hens. *Sigh*

  3. Okay - I'm pleading the 5th on Dianne's blog this weekend...

  4. Poor Dream! Those sure are beautiful chickens!



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