Thursday, August 13, 2009

BAD BOY, BAD BOY, What Ya Gonna Do?
What Ya Gonna Do When He Comes For You?

Before I go into the gory details of my latest 'Dance" with Hunter ~ I'd like to take a moment to THANK YOU. Thank you to each and every one of you who 'heard me' yesterday. I don't think you can know how much strength your messages (both on here and in private) gave to me. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of empowerment that grew in my psyche with each and every comment that I read. I'm NOT sorry that I posted...

And now, back to our Regular Scheduled Programming:

Hunter has been bad. Yes, again!

You've gotta give the guy credit for trying...

Once again, it wasn't a vicious attack ~ more of a "Hmmmm, she's just standing there, maybe I'll butt her" kind of thing.

This time, I held on to my camera!

Needless to say, bad behavior will NOT be tolerated and the Golden Boy is just going to have to get that through his thick head...

Hunter says...



  1. Good for you! That had to give you a feeling of "empowerment," too -- at least it does me when I have to take down Braveheart. That, and a huge surge of adrenalin!

  2. Bad boy is right! Glad you were able to teach him a lesson! Nice tail on that boy!

  3. Oh Nancy,
    I know it's not funny when the big boys get ornery like that, but your post is too funny. Esp. the when his humbled self is plodding off towards his hut. Good for you. You are woman here you roar! :-)

  4. Those photos are hilarious! I have a ewe that buts me (somewhat gently compared to a ram) if I'm not paying enough attention to her. Never expected that.

  5. I was doing that very same thing with a ram lamb this morning, I hate it when those hormones start kicking in :(.

  6. I have video of a ewe that butts me if I don't pet her...but never seem to have my camera around when I have to flip a ram. Those are awesome shots Nancy! :)

  7. I loved the first photo, and was I the only one thinking what nicely trimmed hooves he had? LOL. Good for you.

  8. Too funny. I noticed the trimmed hooves too and I too flipped a few rammie lambies this morning (not my new one). I wish I had my camera. Great photos!

  9. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I absolutely love your humor, Nancy. What a challenge to photograph an ornery sheep while holding him down.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  10. Awwww, my poor sweet hunter!!! Heheh, just kidding, im sure he deserved it!

  11. YaKnow Nancy, he has really nice feet. :)
    Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

  12. Okay, I just had to laugh at Hunter, poor guy's ego is just taking a hit! I missed your post yesterday Nancy but I just wanted to say "one day at a time", thats all we can ask for and when we get one more day, its gift:) Take care!

  13. Hunter is gorgeous, and his hooves are beautiful - and I hope he's properly embarrassed and ashamed of himself if he ever looks at this blog and sees the photos!!! Good for you! Thank goodness I have only a 10 pound cat, because she sometimes nips me if she wants more attention!

    Nancy, now in Iowa



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