Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Full Circle...

It's like it was 'meant to be'.  In March of this year, I rolled my Jeep on an icy hillside near my home.  Fortunately, I was wearing my seat belt and was not seriously injured.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said for my Jeep.  With over two-hundred-thousand miles on it and in need of new brakes, muffler and whatever else a 1994 car might need in 2010, the decision was made to surrender the Jeep to the mechanic who towed it, in lieu of paying the $150.00 tow charge and the  large amount of money it would cost to fix it up.

I was VERY sad to  say good-bye to my Jeep.  It is the first (and only) vehicle that I have ever had that actually fit me.  You see, I'm short.  In particular, my legs are short.  Which means that with almost every vehicle I've ever driven, I've had to put a pillow behind my back in order to reach the pedals.  *** NO WISE CRACKS ALLOWED!!! ***  If, by some miracle, I could reach the pedals, the seat would be too big and would hit me on the back of my calf ~ making driving for any length of time very uncomfortable.  As in leg cramps. 

Not only did my Jeep fit me like a glove, I felt safe in it!  It handled so well and hugged the road more securely than any vehicle I had ever driven.  That was something that I definitely missed in the car that I got to replace the Jeep.  I was scared silly driving that thing!  On almost every curve, it felt like it was going to slide right off the road.  And of course, there was the omnipresent pillow...

On September 12, I had another accident.  Nothing serious.  A fender bender.  But, once again, the results of driving an ancient (1989), beater of a vehicle, meant that the little bit of damage that was done pretty much totalled the piece of crap ~ I mean nice, little, gray car.  No tears shed over this one!  I  NEVER felt safe driving that puppy...

Once again, I found myself without 'wheels'.  A dear friend (Doc) mentioned that he had run into the mechanic who towed my Jeep, after my rollover accident.  Apparently, instead of junking the Jeep for parts, 'Jeremey' decided that he could fix it up!  He took parts from another Jeep that he had at his shop and "Ah-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches"  ~ My Jeep is restored!!!  Jeremey even repainted it to disguise the fact that it has two "new" doors and a new rear hatch!

Last Sunday, thanks to "Doc",  my beloved Jeep came home to the Bluff Country!  How could a car accident possibly be a good thing?  This one was!  I am no longer driving that too big, scary, unsafe, gray car.  I am now, cruising around, safely and comfortably in a vehicle that fits me like a glove and gives me confidence when I am driving it.  The Jeep has been tuned up, fixed up and is in better shape than before I rolled it!

You wouldn't believe how HAPPY one could be
to be driving a 1994 Jeep, once again!

I love my Jeep.
My Jeep is my Friend.
It feels like Family.

Life is good in the Bluff Country!


"Be still my heart!.   I can barely stand the excitement..."
"Yawn! "


  1. Wonderful news....nice jeep BTW!

  2. Yay! That's too cool. Everything happens for a reason! :)

  3. Oh Nancy, that is an incredible story! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Wow, what a story! I'm so happy for you getting your Jeep back. I'm glad you feel safe in it, I remember riding in it on the way to the very first MSSBA meeting in Illinois and fearing for my life when we almost missed that right hand exit. Being in the left lane didn't stop us from making it. :-)

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful luck!

    I have the same seat problems, so don't know why I would make jokes. ;)

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM


    It looks wonderful!!! So happy you have it back. Sorry I missed you today--I left a note in your front door on my way back from a meeting in Iowa. Said "Hi" to the 4 boys in the neighbor's must be enchanted with it and catching up on errands. Meeting went much longer than I expected, too--they added some things on.


  7. Its the littlest things that matter so much! I am glad to "hear" the smile in your voice! Winter driving will be so much better now...did I say winter?

  8. Hi Nancy!! Well how cool is that??!! I love that you and the jeep (does it have a name?) are just meant to be together! I hope you are able to share many many more safe (!!) miles and memories! :-)))

  9. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Yea! Long live the Jeep! :)

  10. Hahahaha, yay!!!! I had a feeling another jeep was coming, with as excited as you seemed. But i never would have guessed it was YOUR jeep! It must feel nice to have an "old friend" back home. And it looks Amazing!!!

  11. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Congrats on re-receiving an old, old cool is that?!? Now I wish for a miracle to fix our "Blazie," our beloved fits-like-a-glove blazer whose transmission finked out. She's still hanging around in the garage because we can't bear to part with her, but will have to go soon, and she's starting to collect cobwebs... But I'm so happy for you! Really, one car per lifetime would be wonderful when it's the right car. Er, truckie.

  12. Well, that is just the neatest thing! I'm so happy for you. These silly vehicles can really get us attached to them. Your new/old jeep looks just fab too!

  13. Wow what a happy ending!

  14. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Nancy -

    No one asked the most important question.... does it still have the Ewe Haul sticker on the bumper???


    Katie in WI



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