Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I've been doing that's kept me from Blogging...

I've got a vehicle!
But that's a subject for another post.
The main thing about having a vehicle is that
last Sunday, I drove to a local dairy goat breeder's place and got a big  jug of FRESH  goat milk!  So fresh that I watched her milk the goats!

Karyl Dronen, , a partner at "Body Shop Farm"  uses an automatic milker so she milked  quite a few goats in a short period of time.

They are SO cute!

It's so cute how they run right into the stanchions (where there is grain awaiting them)  to get milked. 

These two are doubled up in a stanchion!

Thanks to all these lovely ladies,
I've been making

Thank you Girls!

DREAM says...

"Oh, Good Grief!  Now she's talking to GOATS!
I  guess it's OK as long as she just brings their milk home.
She better not even think about bringing one of those necked creatures over here and putting them in MY pasture!"

No problem, Dreamer ~ the goats are quite happy where they are.
And I'm busy making SOAP!



  1. LOVE the goat pictures. Had to make a choice this past year and decided to sell my Oberhaslis to have the extra space for the Shetlands. I miss them, but it was the right decision. Making goats milk soap is a blast!! Have fun!

  2. Those look like healthy happy goats. I love goats milk.
    Hope you're feeling very squeaky clean now that you have your special soap!

  3. Love the second picture where the goat is looking at you like, 'excuse me, a little privacy here?" And I have to agree those are some very cute faces...esp. the one where there are two in a stanchion! Can't wait to see a post about your goat soap!

  4. Beautiful goats! Nevada is awful you can't even buy or give away raw milk here for soap making or orphaned animals. I'll be breeding my two girls soon for some milk of my own.

  5. They are beautiful goats! (Sorry, Dreamer, I did specify "goats" - they can't compare to a beautiful sheep!) I've never had goat's milk soap but, after reading so much about it on my favorite blogs, I know I'm going to have to try it.

    Good luck with your soap adventure.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Yes Nancy, those goats are cute, aren't they. So nice to see them being milked. I shall look out for your post on the soap (to come?)
    Blessings, Star

  7. That's great. Congratulations! :)

  8. i have to side with Dream; the whole post i was just waiting for you to announce how many you'd brought home with you. :) Good for your self control though, and im glad you're having fun with the soap making!

  9. Not to worry, my BBG! It never even crossed my mind to get a goat. Seriously!

    I will do a post on making soap, SOON. I promise!

    First I have to do one showing my 'new' vehicle...



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